“It Was at That Moment He Knew He F**Ked Up”: Resurfaced Clip of Late MMA Star Landing Illegal Blow as He Forgets It’s a Boxing Match Leaves Fans Nostalgic

Patrick Smith is a name renowned for his finesse in the MMA world. He held the record of 20 wins and 17 losses out of a total of 37 fights. He last fought in 2016. Moreover, his primary fighting style was kickboxing. However, he passed away untimely in 2019, leaving a void for his fans. However, an intriguing yet hilarious post triggered fans’ reminiscence of Patrick’s prowess.

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The encounter included Smith’s boxing match with Samson Po’uha. Patrick Smith and Po’uha boxed in Las Vegas on February 14, 1993. They fought on the Wills vs. Jones undercard. Both weighed 265 lbs and fought in the heavyweight category. Po’uha knocked out Smith in the fourth round. However, what brought back the memory of this match wasn’t the fighters’ performance but a funny mistake that happened on Smith’s end.

Patrick Smith’s befuddled action in a boxing match leaves fans in splits


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Apparently, Smith forgot that he was fighting in a boxing match. This was because, during the match, he hit Samson with a low blow. The referee immediately stopped him, leaving the MMA star with a vexed expression. In spite of this, fans haven’t shied away from remembering the legend and sharing their humor on the incident.

Fans fondly recalled Patrick Smith’s early UFC days, particularly noting the vicious elbows he delivered in UFC 2. As one fan wrote, “Pat Smith from early UFC days, the elbows he put on his opponent in UFC 2 were vicious!!!”

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Next, they also appreciated his highlight-reel knockouts, adding to his reputation as a good MMA fighter. As echoed by one fan, “Smith was a good fighter in MMA. He had some nice highlight reel knockouts.”

Many remembered watching his fights on ESPN years ago, suggesting a lasting impact. A third fan wrote, “I remember this fight! I was watching this on ESPN years ago.”

One user had a hilarious take as he quipped, “Bro frustrated! Decided to pull out one of his bags of tricks from the cage.”


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Interestingly, a follower highlighted Smith’s expression, writing, “Can just tell it was at that moment he knew he fucked up.”

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Sadly, Patrick Smith passed away in 2019 at the age of 55 after a serious battle with cancer. Smith left a lasting impression on the MMA and boxing world, both for his skills and memorable moments.


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