“It’s Basically God Mode”: Fans Are Left Divided After Devs Announce an Upcoming Change to Battle Rage in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner and there’s no better time to enjoy the beta run phase of the forthcoming FPS giant. Besides the next-gen platforms PS5 and Xbox Series XS, the beta phase is also open for PC owners. Allowing early access to the global launch of one of the most-awaited titles for the year has brought some interesting reactions from the community. In a similar event, fans are debating over the battle rage feature for the final product.

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A Call of Duty pro recently highlighted the problems with the battle rage feature, which sparked a viral debate on social media. Further, a reaction from the developers added fuel to the banter. Well, the battle rage feature, which is always under the gamers’ scrutiny, is now set to be subjected to a massive change before the Modern Warfare 3 launch.

Battle Rage set to be nerfed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?


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The developers finally reacting to the viral debate confirmed that they will work on nerfing the battle rage feature before the global launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Shotzzy, a CoD pro, had shared the issue with the feature when the player got 21 bullets in nearly 10 seconds. Surprisingly, being subjected to so much action, the player’s health bar didn’t even drop to half. The gameplay brief had taken the fans by storm. And finally, the CoD makers came up with a response. 

In Modern Warfare 2, the stimulant known as Battle Rage was first introduced to Call of Duty. It was to help players get pumped up and go on a rampage. The Field Upgrade was designed with such run-and-gun players in mind, and when activated, it was meant to function similarly to Dead Silence in terms of aiding in health regeneration and movement speed.

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It never achieved its full potential in MW2, but it seems Sledgehammer Games chose to pack a punch with it for MW3, bringing it out as an urgently needed component of players’ loadout. Now, following the ongoing debate, there is a new development in the beta phase. Although the reaction to Shotzyy’s claims was mixed, it looks like Sledgehammer has made a decision to bring the feature down. 

The announcement has divided the fanbase

The battle rage feature has always left the CoD fans divided into two categories. Thus, the decision to scrap the same from the next big launch by Activision brought some mixed reactions from the gaming community. 

The gamers who have enjoyed the perks of the feature for years aren’t ready to let the mode go off in the much-awaited Call of Duty release. 

A user has likened it to god mode, the highest difficulty mode. Since Battle rage allows players to continuously heal, it is clearly a problem.


On the contrary, some fans are rooting for the decision as they find it would bring more immersive reality in the battle gameplay. 

One user has likened the ability to using cheat codes. Perhaps the playing field needs to be levelled.


And finally, the best of the lot has some hilarious take on the battle rage nerf debate. 

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Which side are you on in the ongoing debate? Let us know your arguments in the comments below.

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