“It’s Going to Be Problematic” – Lionel Messi Choosing Argentina Over Inter Miami Can Wreak Havoc for David Beckham and MLS, Says Analyst

Lionel Messi is still in contention to start in Inter Miami’s next game against FC Cincinnati in the MLS. The Argentinean hasn’t been able to play a complete 90 minutes since his injury against Bolivia in the World Cup qualifiers. With the soccer sphere heading to an international break again, it’s yet to see if Messi will be able to start for Argentina as well. However, an ESPN analyst points out the havoc it can unleash if they rule Messi fit and he starts for Argentina.

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Lionel Messi was ruled out of Inter Miami’s Open Cup final due to the same persisting injury. However, even in his absence, Inter Miami ticket prices have not changed their value. It remains as one of the most expensive tickets in MLS. Critics argue if these inflated prices hold any value and if are even justified.

If Messi is cleared to play for Argentina, it could spell trouble for Inter Miami


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It’s been a long time since Lionel Messi has been able to showcase his skills and help the team fight for a playoff position in the MLS. The team too is facing trouble in the absence of the soccer star. However, the Argentine Captan is heading towards the end of his injury period. And what unfolds next can create unimaginable problems for David Beckham.

ESPN analyst and reporter Sebastian Salazar shared his take on the situation. He said, “If he plays for Argentina and he doesn’t play for Inter Miami against FC Cincinnati this coming weekend. They’ve got a game on Saturday if he doesn’t play in that game and then he goes to this game in Buenos Aires on the 12th and plays it’s going to look bad for Inter Miami.” Further, he added, ” It’s going to be problematic for Inter Miami.”

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Salazar continued to add as he said, “It’s going to raise questions I think it’s going to prove what his priorities are which is Argentina over Inter Miami that’s understandable that’s not surprising it might be logical. On the last show, we quite fought about their ticket prices being much higher but its also really going to be problematic for the rest of MLS.”

The ticket prices of Inter Miami have also been the center focus of the recent discussions surrounding the club. Critics are labeling Inter Miami to be trying to be the next LA Lakers. They argue that Miami has to shift its focus to be anything like them.

Rising ticket prices are a matter of concern for Inter Miami

Rising ticket prices have become a matter of concern for Inter Miami. Unfortunately, Lionel Messi has been out for a long time. Despite his absence, Inter Miami has maintained high ticket prices, prompting former MLS player Herculez Gomez to voice his opinion.

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Gomez stressed that Inter Miami aspires to replicate the success of teams like the LA Lakers, but emphasized the necessity to offer more than just Messi to justify such steep prices.

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The decision to keep ticket prices high has sparked outrage among soccer fans. The cheapest season ticket for the north stand has surged by a staggering 82% to reach $884. Meanwhile, the lower-level midfield club section’s price has also skyrocketed from $3,600 to $7,650. Fans have taken to social media to express their discontent. They questioned whether the club is capitalizing on Messi’s star power to charge exorbitant prices despite a lack of infrastructure.


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As Inter Miami faces growing criticism, the club finds itself at a crossroads, needing to balance its financial goals with the expectations and affordability of its loyal fanbase.

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