“Its Not That Big a Deal”- Confessing to Drinking Alcohol at 15, Joe Rogan Seeks Refuge Using European Culture

Joe Rogan is a man who has been part of many cultures. The man, besides being the face of UFC commentary, is also really knowledgeable. He is also the host of the most popular podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience. On this podcast, Rogan is exposed to different people and different stories, that he learns from.

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Rogan has often been seen sharing details of his visits abroad and sharing a bit of foreign culture with his guests. There is a lot of give and take on these podcast conversations. In one of the recent episodes, he had journalist Alex Berenson join him, and the two were seen talking about a rather fascinating subject, following which, Rogan shared a story from his childhood as well.

Joe Rogan explains the difference in ‘alcohol culture’ between Europe and the US


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Joe Rogan is an educated man who has walked many walks of life and has rubbed shoulders with people from different walks as well. He possesses a lot of knowledge, in general, about various subjects. That is why when journalist Alex Berenson came on his podcast as a guest, Joe Rogan and he were seen discussing the difference in culture in America and Europe – especially when it comes to how alcohol is viewed.

You ever go to Europe and see like the… like kids [inaudible] drink wine in Italy. And so they don’t – there are like instances of alcoholism and it’s not a big deal to them. For us, it’s a big deal. Like… I remember the first time I got drunk with my friends. We were listening to Led Zepplin…“, pointed out the UFC commentator, recalling a particular incident from his childhood. It was like… it was like f*****g really fifteen years old. Fourteen – fifteen years old and … I got sick in a cab.“, he continued.

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In the end, he summarized what he had to say and explained the basic difference saying, “Getting alcohol was crazy. If you live in Europe, it’s normal.“.

Is Rogan not big on drinking himself? Why did he cut down on it?


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Joe Rogan is a really healthy person, in general. Even at 56 years old, the UFC commentator still is in great shape. he still trains and eats healthy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, he wasn’t always like this.

In episode #139 of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the podcast host said that he had stopped drinking frequently and that he would only indulge in a glass or two of wine – that too quite rarely. However, he said that he hadn’t indulged in the last five years. During that episode, he clearly stated that he was done with heavy drinking.

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What is the reason behind this? Apparently, the UFC commentator had a dear friend who got “off the rails drunk“. This affected Rogan to the point where he decided that he didn’t want to be in that position himself.


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