Joe Rogan Blasts “Smart People” for “Strange” Demand Despite $44B Elon Musk Move- “It’s So F***ing Polarizing”

Joe Rogan is a staunch defender of freedom of speech. In recent times, the podcast host has become a controversial figure. He has faced accusations of helping spread misinformation and irresponsible platforming on his podcast.

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But, Rogan has been outspoken in his support for free speech ever since his stand-up comic days. And this support has only grown after his recent controversies. In a conversation with Alex Berenson on episode #2037 of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the UFC commentator discussed the topic yet again.

Joe Rogan praises the Founding Fathers for their farsightedness


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Rogan began by praising the founding fathers of the United States for their keen understanding of human nature and far-sightedness in making a constitution and structure of government. According to him, this far-sightedness prevents potential tyrants from seizing power. Rogan was of the opinion that the constitutional scheme worked very well until the end of the Second World War. This gave way to the rise of the mass media, which eroded the freedoms enjoyed by citizens.

The people who wrote the constitution were so good. Like they understood human nature so well. Yes, it’s really crazy how they set it up because they’re like, there’s got to be a way to stop dictators. There’s got to be a way. And they were kind of on it for a while up until, like, World War 2. They did a great job until people amassed power then they had the media and newspapers and all that,” the Boston native said.

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Rogan is proud of the freedom of expression afforded by the First Amendment to Americans


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The UFC commentator continued and pointed out that one of the aspects that makes the American Constitution so special is the provisions for Freedom of Speech enshrined in the First Amendment.

“They did a great job setting it up though that at least we have things that they don’t have in other countries like freedom of speech, like that First Amendment, it’s so f***ing polarizing for some strange reason that there’s… smart people that have openly said maybe we should amend the first amendment,” he said.

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In recent times, he has also spoken positively about Elon Musk. He appreciated his purported efforts at defending free speech on X (formerly Twitter). It should be noted, however, that the tech giant has been accused of hypocrisy and censoring speech and accounts he does not agree with in recent times. But, irrespective of this, Joe Rogan’s position in the freedom of speech debate is clear. Do you agree with his opinion?

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