“KSI Sucks, He’s a Nobody”: Despite Being Trolled for Pulling Out Against KSI, Dillon Danis Speaks Up on What Excites Him Ahead of Logan Paul Fight

In a world where words often hold as much weight as actions, Dillon Danis doesn’t mince his. The MMA sensation recently dropped some bombshells, casting shadows on notable names. Remember his scheduled bout with KSI? Danis has thoughts, and they’re not what you might expect. But it’s not just KSI on his radar.

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The Paul brothers also make the list, with a history tracing back to surprising years. You’d think a combatant would value all opponents equally, but Danis? He has his favorites and… not-so-favorites. In a candid chat with Seconds Out, Danis spilled some unexpected beans, hinting at a tangled web of confrontations and under-the-belt jabs.

Dillon Danis speaks out: Why the Logan fight excites him more than KSI!


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Dillon Danis, in no uncertain terms, made his feelings about KSI abundantly clear. “KSI sucks bro. He’s a nobody, he’s not a real fighter,” he declared. This statement came on the heels of Danis’ controversial decision to pull out of the much-hyped boxing bout against the British YouTuber. Fans were buzzing with anticipation, but, in a twist, Danis sidestepped the encounter. The reasoning? He seemed unimpressed, dismissing the bout as a mere tryst with someone he described as “not really like good.”

However, as we shift our focus from KSI, Logan Paul enters the frame, promising a thrilling showdown on 14th October 2023. And Danis is all ears and fire for this one. “Me and Logan and Jake have had a big storyline for a long time; it goes back to almost 2018,” he reminisced. Jake Paul, in fact, was the pioneer, being the first to challenge Danis to a boxing match. Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster of challenges and confrontations.

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Building on this history, Danis expressed heightened enthusiasm for the Logan bout compared to the KSI one. “So we’ve been going back and forth for years, and then Logan… he did that thing where he threw the toilet paper,” he added, highlighting a past incident that still seems to fuel the fire for the upcoming match. In essence, while the KSI bout might have fizzled out from Danis’s perspective, the Logan Paul fight promises fireworks, driven by years of rivalry and unfiltered exchanges.

Danis’ training methods questioned


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Jake Paul, known for his candid remarks, recently weighed in on Dillon Danis’s preparedness for his upcoming bout with Logan Paul. Jake questioned Dillon’s strategic aptitude, suggesting that he might be ill-equipped to face a fighter of Logan’s expertise. Adding to his skepticism, Jake called out the authenticity of the training videos Danis has been sharing on social media, pointing out their lack of genuine boxing finesse. “You can’t like fake being sh*tty,” Jake commented. Indicating that Dillon’s attempts at showcasing his skills might be more deceptive than genuine.

Jake also cast doubts over Danis’s commitment, hinting that the latter has been more engrossed in online trolling than actual training. Further deepening the skepticism, Jake highlighted Danis’s questionable training environment, noting that he’s been practicing in MMA gyms rather than professional boxing settings. The use of velcro gloves and the absence of a dedicated coach also caught Jake’s critical eye, making him wonder about Danis’s actual readiness for the big fight.


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Is Dillon Danis truly ready, both mentally and physically, for this high-stakes face-off against Logan? Or will the criticisms and skepticism prove to be his undoing? What do you think?

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