“Levels of Hard Work in the Gym”: Fans Jump In to Support Tommy Fury Against Doping Allegations Days Before KSI Fight

With barely 48 hours left in the fight between KSI and Tommy Fury, the latter recently revealed an impressive transformation. A ripped and shredded Tommy posted a picture of his physique on Instagram. While he made the headlines for the same reason, a bigger storm started when a popular boxing journalist wrote about it on X (Twitter). However, when boxing fans found out about the tweet, they came in droves to defend Tommy.

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Following Tommy sharing his transformation online, DZAN took to X, congratulating him for the same with the pictures. That’s when Dan Raffle made his way to the tweet and reposted it with the caption, “I think @Vada_Testing would like a word.” The statement from Raffle did not sit well with the boxing world, as they defended the British boxer with their opinions on Tommy’s new physique.

The boxing community rallies to defend Tommy Fury


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Since the tweet from Rafael, the post has collected 130 comments from users, which is more than double DZAN’s original tweet. It showcases how seriously fans took the allegations from Rafael. One observant user asserted that Tommy had the muscles all along; he just lost fat and stood under favorable lighting. The user went as far as to question what Rafael knows about bodybuilding.

Another user reminded Rafale that KSI and Tommy Fury went through VADA testing. In fact, the tests were conducted recently, and both fighters tested negative for any and all banned substances.

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Someone else explained Tommy’s new physique is the result of countless hours spent in the gym. In addition, the user suggested Tommy must have gone to the sauna and positioned under the correct lighting to extenuate his physique.

Akin to the previous user, this person also claimed that Tommy’s physique can be attributed to heaps of time spent in the gym and convenient lighting. It’s worth mentioning that the same opinion is commonplace in the comment section.


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While most people defended Tommy and his transformed physique, this user seemed to think differently. The user asserted that Tommy’s physique did not look the same during his media workout previously. 


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In the face of allegations, the overwhelming support for Tommy Fury from the boxing world is abundantly clear. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think Tommy Fury used banned substances? 

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