Lewis Hamilton Unveils Mercedes “L Class” Plans, Days After Designing $169,000 Accessory

What do you know Lewis Hamilton for? When you picture him, do you instantly think of him as the most successful Formula 1 driver? Do his 7 world titles and 103 race wins pop up in your brain? More often than not, those are the first few things people think about when they hear his name. Because of everything he’s achieved on track, it’s easy to forget all that he does off track, courtesy of his entrepreneurial genius. One of those things is his love for horology—the art of making watches.

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“I’ve always loved watches. My first was a Mickey Mouse watch from Disneyland when I was six years old,” said Hamilton. Since then, the Brit has dreamt of making a watch that’s entirely his own. Thanks to Swiss luxury watch-making giant IWC Schaffhausen, that dream has now become a reality. With that ticked off his bucket list, Hamilton revealed another project he can’t wait to get started on.

Lewis Hamilton is embracing his designer self


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Hamilton joined Mercedes in 2013. He’s, therefore, been affiliated with its partner, IWC, for a decade as well. In the past 10 years, he honed his dream of horology and collaborated with IWN thrice. The most recent collaboration yielded the Portugieser Tourbillon Rétrograde Chronograph Lewis Hamilton. The $169,000 masterpiece with a platinum case and 12 diamonds embodies elegance and precision. As an ode to his racing number 44, IWC will only manufacture 44 units of the timepiece. 

Now that he’s achieved one part of his dream with IWC, he revealed something else he’s working toward with Mercedes. In an interview with WatchPro, he was asked if he’s had the chance to tear down a watch and build it back up. He replied, “I don’t know how decent I will be at it, but I would love that opportunity. It’s something I want to do when I have more time on my hands. I’m definitely interested in what’s happening out there and how the watch market is evolving. I’ve got a nice little collection, and I would love to design more.” 

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Just like his Tommy Hilfiger collaboration, he added, “I would actually like to have my own range. Not just in watches. I want to have an “L class” for Mercedes. There’s a lot of different projects we have going, so we’ll see.” Can you imagine what an L-Class would look like? Will it be a sedan like the C or S-Class or an SUV like the GLE? Or better yet, will it be like the AMG ONE—a road car with an F1 engine? Whatever Hamilton is working on, it will be worth waiting for. 

The seven-time champion has a knack for designing and creating things. He’s always had it, and now, he’s embracing it. The best part is that he’s as dedicated to learning as he is to creating. That’s how he impressed his watch designer.

Hamilton is the perfect apprentice


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The first time Hamilton approached IWC for a collaboration, he ensured they knew he was fully committed. To learn, design, and create. In the interview with WatchPro, he said, “I went and spent time at the manufacturer, and I got to see the making process. I love collaborating with people and getting to work with the watch designers, and see some of the things that they had already created was amazing.” After he started working on the Portugieser Tourbillon Rétrograde Chronograph, it was his creative process and intent to learn that impressed his designer.

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“I have had the privilege of meeting Lewis Hamilton for a design session with him, and I will never forget his curiosity, collaboration, and sheer enjoyment at taking part in the creative process. I have been surprised by his kindness and laid-back peacefulness, truly incredible for someone living such a competitive and accelerated life,” said IWC designer Maria Luisa Mamusa. Lewis Hamilton is devoted to F1 for at least the next two years. Once he does decide to hang up his boots, there’s no doubt he’ll be the driver of many such collaborations and projects to come. 


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Are you excited for the Mercedes L-Class and everything else the future holds for the seven-time champion?

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