“Love This”: Defying Equestrian Norms, Victorian Rider Redefines Arena Success, Garnering Online Acclaim

The equestrian world embraces varying differences in contests. While the industry hosts ever-so-thrilling horse racing, enthusiasts also come across the elegant dressage and show-jumping. The equines normally taking up the part of the entertainer are recognized for their stature and build. However, when the warmblood equines are often chosen for domination, a Victorian rider has a different answer.

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The Warmbloods and the Welsh ponies and cob might not portray significant differences in appearance in the first look. But the Warmbloods who carry a larger build than the ponies are often the first choice for the competitions. Interestingly, in recent times, the ponies have caught up with their light feet attributes. Proving the stance, the Queensland rider, Toni Webb has successfully shifted onto the latter with her Welsh Cobb. Persisting with her practice, the equestrian has received a plethora of kind responses after having her story covered by a magazine.

Queensland equestrian defies the odds


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Toni Webb has been a staunch equestrian ever since she moved to Australia 19  years ago. Though she started horse riding with a Gelding, due to an instance, the rider got herself a Welsh Cob named Thom. When Toni initially started, she took up Warmblood equines for medium-level dressage contests. However, that changed when Toni entered her first-ever FEI level; where she rode with Thom. Along the way, Webb picked more of the ponies to train and compete at dressage.

Since then, Thom and Scooter, have been successfully competing at FEIs and Winter Dressage championships. The Equestrian Life magazine, impressed with the story, posted a cover of it on their issue.

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They further shared a snippet on the same on Facebook, captioning, “The dressage arena is often dominated by elegant Warmbloods – however, Victorian rider Toni Webb of Montango Lodge Performance Ponies has proven they’re not a prerequisite to success in the sport.”

The followers of the equestrian and the story were overjoyed at the coverage. Sinking the news in, the supporters couldn’t help but send in their love and appreciation for the change in the instance.

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Fans express delight and support for Welsh Cob rider

Toni Webb has been a popular name in the Queensland equestrian scene. Whilst participating in the FEI, Toni also lends her time at the Montango Lodge Performance Ponies. Her contribution has gained Toni immense support thus evoking responses. Assuring the rider, one of the users commented, “You are a super dedicated rider. The ponies are a credit to you and you deserve the accolades.” And another read, “Great horses, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

Proud of the rider, one comment read, “You do a fantastic job with your ponies!” and another declared, “Great work Toni.” Another one of the users who shared the love for the creatures and shift chimed in to leave praise. “Truly beautiful Welshies and love this, they are mini warmbloods and have as much talent as any horse/pony in all movements, especially in the collection. Love the sec d’s so much and I wouldn’t have any other (Welsh) and (love) my boy so very much.”


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While the people poured appreciation, a user took the moment to drop an interesting fact. “Warmbloods used to be cart horses too! When mechanization took over, they were redirected to sport.” Warmbloods or ponies, both the equines have made a deserving space in the sport. With the right training, the creatures have proven to excel. In this case, Thom and Scooter have made their way into the Australian Dressage Championship.

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