Mark Wahlberg Is No Longer the Only Hollywood Celebrity to Own Equity Shares in a Cricket Team

The renowned movie star from Departed, Mark Wahlberg has extended his network outside the Hollywood industry. Wahlberg has ventured into the world of sports along with starting his own burger chain and fitness enterprise. He acquired an equity interest against a hefty amount in a franchise team, Barbados Tridents that competes in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

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Wahlberg’s involvement marks a significant moment in CPL’s history since it attached a global celebrity appeal to the cricketing landscape. His interest in engaging himself in the sports industry escalated when he was introduced to the Premier League by his friend, Ajmal Khan.    

Mark initiated an incredible blend of sports and entertainment in cricket


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Wahlberg a celebrated figure, known for his big roles in blockbuster movies added an entertainment touch to cricket. The upstart cricket league features a total of six Caribbean teams taking part in regional tournaments raised enthusiasm among fans with this Hollywood touch. Similarly, the number of cricket fans outside the Caribbean islands grew contributing to the cricket fever entering the US. 

Khan said in his statement to the Caribbean Journal, “Having him as an ambassador of the greatest party in sport will indeed draw the attention of current and new cricket fans across the world, and we look forward to embracing a whole new generation of cricket fans in the US thanks to Mark.”  

Wahlberg, with a $400 million worth is the flag bearer of this unique amalgamation of two different entertainment worlds. This remarkable endeavor qualified as a distinctive strategy for transcending boundaries and cultures into a single unit. 


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Mark makes the pioneering cricket investment

In the era of collaboration between sports teams and Hollywood celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, Wahlberg was ahead of the curve. His investment in the Barbados Tridents back in the year 2013 was much more than a financial decision. The renowned movie star was fueled by his newfound interest in cricket. From the beginning, he possessed a business acumen that encouraged him to manage his business in fitness brands and fast food chains while at the same time investing in cricket. 

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Due to his global appeal, he committed himself to promoting the traditionally unfamiliar sport to the audience. The CPL CEO, Damien O’Donohoe, had full faith on Mark even though he had been a rookie at that time in the industry. His strong-fan base made Donhoe confident about the partnership. In the same year, another renowned star Gerard Butler bought equity stakes in CPL.   


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Wahlberg’s journey from Hollywood to entering the cricket pitch demonstrates his confidence and intrigue in exploring untrodden paths. His endeavor from being an outsider in the sports industry to investing in the sports earned him a top spot as a celebrity entrepreneur. 

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