Months After Beating Paige Spiranac Once, 29-Year-Old Rival Still Lives in a ‘Dream’ Land; Fans Are Not Against It

The mountain of fame is a tricky one to climb. This is because it gets steeper as you proceed higher, hence, making it difficult for one to stay at the top for a long time. Paige Spiranac is the queen of the hearts of golf fans from around the world. However, recently people are questioning if her reign is under siege.

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This question arises as Hailey Ostrom has been actively gaining popularity on social media. Hailey’s content has been gaining support from fans all around the globe. She was also at the top of her game during the launch of the famous Barbie movie and has not stopped since.

Hailey Ostrom Shares a Sneak Peek from Her Dream World


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Hailey Ostrom is the Golf Barbie we all needed. The golfer’s social media influencing journey has come a long way. It picked up the pace when the world was colored pink during the release of the Barbie movie.

Ostrom stepped on the trend train and posted a very interesting reel where she was seen role-playing Barbie in a golf cart. This was seen as Ostrom scoring a win over the golfer-turned-social-media-sensation Paige Spiranac. Spiranac has also not been posting as frequently in recent times due to her other engagements.

Recently, Hailey Ostrom posted a reel where she was seen making an impeccable shot. What gained the attention of her followers was her even more interesting caption. She wrote, “I’m drinking pumpkin spice lattes and pretending it’s fall in Arizona while it’s 100 degrees outside. A girl can dream.”

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One may draw the conclusion that the Golf Barbie is still in her dream world. Her fans were quick to react to the post.

Fall-ing for Hailey Ostrom? You are not alone!

Ostrom’s fans reacted to her recent post in large numbers. Instagrammers were quick to express their love for her. While some complimented her shot, others complimented how beautiful she looked. All in all, it was a wholesome comments section filled with curious questions and genuine compliments.

One of the fans expressed their happiness on seeing Hailey’s shot. They wrote, “Gee Hailey, good to see you!” While another fan complimented the set-up and wrote, “Cool decisive set up!”


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Similarly, an Instagram user was quick to compliment both Hailey’s gorgeous looks and her game. They wrote, “you hit the ball so beautifully and look so gorgeous doing so!!!”

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Another fan added themselves to the list of people who loved her swing. They wrote, “That’s a good swing and follow through.” Fall is not just close to Hailey’s heart but it is also a cherished season for most of her followers. A fan wrote, “Whatever it takes to be in the Halloween spirit.🎃⛳️

Compliments don’t stop when you are Hailey Ostrom. A fan wrote, “A very pretty lady.” While making a smart pun, someone wrote, “I’m fall-ing for you.”


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What do you make of Hailey Ostrom’s recent post? Do you think she is threatening Paige Spiranac’s position in a big way? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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