“My Girlfriend Threatened to Break Up With Me”: Fitness Influencer Has Nightmarish Experiences After Following Diet Advocated by Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez

The fitness world is fascinated by multiple diet forms and exercise routines to promote health and well-being. A vegan diet is one such form that requires the followers to avoid all animal-based foods as a source of nutrition. Many celebrities are known to follow a vegan diet, including Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez. Now, a fitness influencer shares his experience following a vegan diet.

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Tanner Shuck is a YouTuber with 148K subscribers, known for his fitness-related content. He keeps his followers updated on his workout and diet rituals. The DFC Fitness Champ recently shared his vegan journey for a month.

Tanner Shuck’s vegan experience is nothing short of a horror


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In the video, “I Went Vegan for 30 Days: Here’s What Happened,” Shuck recalls how everything was perfect when he was getting enough proteins, training at the gym, and sleeping eight hours before he went vegan for a month. Calling his dietary switch, a “stupid” decision, the fitness influencer explains the hardships he faced after eliminating animal sources for his vegan journey.

I was constantly hungry even though I was eating over 4000 calories a day sometimes, and I never felt full, and definitely one of my biggest concerns and hardest parts about being vegan was getting enough quality protein and nutrients,” the YouTuber confessed. Shuck depended on tofu, beans, and rice during his vegan journey. 

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I felt bloated all the time had terrible digestion and was farting non-stop. Real talk, one night my girlfriend threatened to break up with me because my gas was so bad,” the fitness influencer narrated his sad plight. Shuck also complained of gaining fat, brain fog, and low libido due to the new diet. So, he had to quit his vegan journey on the 30th day. However, celebrities like Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez credited vegan diets for their fitness.

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Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez about vegan diet rituals


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Serena Williams is known for her great strength on the Tennis court, and she is the epitome of fitness in her forties. The 4x Olympic gold winner revealed her reason for opting for a vegan lifestyle. “I think it’s just really good to clean out your system sometimes just to get rid of all the waste and things like that that are just in your system,” she said.

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Jennifer Lopez, Hollywood’s most iconic star, also credited vegan diet for losing her baby fat in 2008. “I did full vegan for almost four, five weeks and then I just started incorporating a little bit more proteins and things like that,” the pop star confessed in an interview with Extra. However, she is not on a vegan diet of late, as per Insider.


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Veganism requires its followers to eliminate animal-based products from food to clothing. It is a lifestyle that condemns animal cruelty. However, science-based study suggests various health benefits. Have you ever tried a vegan diet? Let us know in the comments below!

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