NASCAR Community in Shock as Racing Fanatic Exposes Cup Series’ Disappointing Milestone

Since its inception as the Strictly Stock Division, what is now the NASCAR Cup Series has evolved into one of the most popular sports in the world. In the beginning, race cars were driven off the street and onto the track, but as safety technology advanced, changes were made as the racing machines of today are more complicated and technological than ever before. NASCAR has grown with the series from the small organization formed on the sands of Daytona Beach to a thriving sport.

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NASCAR ran its first race in Daytona Beach at the beach road course. Red Byron won in a Ford. The first NASCAR “Strictly Stock” (current NASCAR Cup Series) race was held at Charlotte Fairgrounds Speedway. Now, as drivers enter with hopes to solidify their place into the next round of playoffs, a shocking record for the Cup series left the jaws of fans on the floor and raised multiple questions in their minds ahead of Charlotte.

Perplexing statistic left fans plunged into a state of shock and bewilderment


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As the NASCAR Cup Series descended upon Charlotte for a pivotal race at the Roval, tension hung heavy in the air for four drivers: Tyler Reddick, Bubba Wallace, Ross Chastain, and Kyle Busch. They find themselves just below the cutoff line, with their dreams of advancing in the playoffs hanging by a thread. With high hopes and a sense of urgency, they will enter the track, knowing this race would be their last chance to secure a spot in the next round.

Meanwhile, a heartwarming tradition continued at Charlotte. Two years prior, Kurt Busch had initiated a touching gesture – pink window cars, all in support of raising funds for breast cancer fighters through charity. Now, in its third year, the track should shimmer with these symbols of hope as drivers will rev their engines, racing not only for victory but also for a noble cause.

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Yet, as the excitement mounted, a surprising statistic cast doubt on the history of the Cup Series. It was revealed that if the race completed 30 laps at Charlotte, it would mark a staggering 850,000 total miles raced in the Cup series throughout its illustrious 75-year history.

But this number sparked a wave of skepticism among fans. After all, NASCAR had been known to shorten races due to rain, leaving many in the comment section pondering the accuracy of this remarkable figure.

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The staggering figures ignited a wildfire of questions and provoked jaw-dropping reactions

Amidst the discussions swirling around the astonishing 850,000 total miles raced in the NASCAR Cup Series’ 75-year history, fans flooded the comment section with a mix of awe and curiosity.

One fan was left bewildered, exclaiming, “I can’t imagine the math necessary to figure this out”

Another chimed in with a touch of skepticism, saying, “I really hope just a data scraping script for Racing Reference and some basic math”

A pertinent question raised by many was, “Nice. Is this actual miles, or scheduled miles?”


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Diving deeper into the state, another curious mind pondered, “Wondering how many were under caution.”

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Surprise rippled through the comments as well, with one fan musing, “This is a lot lower than I imagined”

“Wait, I’m legit surprised they haven’t hit a million yet tbh”


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However, as the discussion continued, the spotlight shifted back to the present. The big question remained: Who would be the four drivers on the dreaded elimination list? Comment your views down below.

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