Not Done With Hakeem Olajuwon Bash, Gilbert Arenas ‘Ropes In’ $100 Million Rich Rapper Only to Take Another Swipe

Gilbert Arenas, a former Washington Wizards star guard, retired almost 11 years ago from the NBA. Yet, there appear to be signs of him finding another purpose in spying on fellow ballers specifically, those who have anything to do with the legendary centers and unusual hoop situations. As fate would have it, when Ross recently hit the courts with Lil’ Wayne by his side, hooping it up in his own private jet hangar, Arenas couldn’t help but take a playful jab tweeting about Ross’ skills.

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Gilbert Arenas Takes Another Swing at Hakeem Olajuwon

To lay a good foundation for this comical debate, it would be prudent to go a bit further back to the waves sparked by the NBA star, Giannis Antetokounmpo. In a recent podcast interview with ‘48 Minutes,’ the Milwaukee Bucks champ revealed he plans to visit Houston and train under the watchful eye of the legendary Hakeem Olajuwon who plays for the iconic Houston Rockets.


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Gilbert Arenas heard about this news and could not resist making his comment on it. Arenas, famously brash and opinionated, vented frustration at suggestions that a two-time DPOY could instruct some of his peers in outdated moves. It was an instance of a previous NBA era having fun with another, and the entire basketball world could not contain their laughter as Arenas made a joke about the situation.

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Jump to today, the very attentive Gilbert Arenas sees an Instagram video of Rick Ross with an astonishing net worth of $100 Million, a famous American rapper and music baron, demonstrating his skill in basketball in his own private plane hangar. Ross looked like a veteran NBA professional with his effortless three-point shooting.

Rick Ross Shoots for the Stars, but Gilbert Arenas Shoots Back

Arenas’ Instagram story included a link to a post by Ross with the comment “Rick Ross hopping in his private jet hanger”. In a smart and cheeky post, he tagged NBA shooting coach Chris Matthews and said “Let me find out you work at Hakeem Dream Camp.” It was a humorous statement that emphasized Rick Ross’s unexpected basketball prowess and added a bit of humor.
As the NBA plays along the lines of sports and social media, Gilbert Arenas has continued to be a voice, who provides humor and wit in daily conversations. It shows us that those who have played basketball still remain close-knit, as evidenced by Michael Jordan’s ability to join Snoop Dogg’s rapper friends for a game in their private jet hangar.

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And with Gilbert Arenas welcoming him into the basketball wit and camaraderie world, Rick Ross can now add “hoop skills” to his long list of achievements.

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