Now That Harry Osborne Is Back in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, What Does Fate Have in Store for Peter Parker’s Best Friend?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release is right above us. The early footage is impressive and New York City looks stunning. The game’s predecessor amassed a lot of praise thanks to its immersive storyline and we expect the upcoming release to do the same. Speculations are rife about the characters that will grace the new title. So far, some of the villains, including Kraven the Hunter and Venom, have been revealed as the antagonists that Spidey will need to take down.

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Another character that has provided more fuel to the speculation fires is Harry Osborne. While Osborne was only briefly seen in Marevl’s Spider-Man, the trailer for the upcoming game shows him in a more prominent role. With Harry and Peter’s long friendship, fans expect Harry to play a pivotal role.

Harry Osborne makes a comeback in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2


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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a ton of potential thanks to where its predecessor left off. The ending of the last game set up a perfect stage for a follow-up game. In the upcoming game, many villains are rumored to be coming to settle their scores with Spider-Man. Doc Ock, Kraven, and Black Cat might make appearances in order to make life difficult for Brooklyn’s finest. While some characters are confirmed to arrive in NYC in Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborne’s role is still shrouded in mystery.

Harry was seen to be in a sickly condition in the last game while his father, Norman Osborne, sought to heal his son with the help of Dr. Kurt Connors. The duo attempted to save Harry’s life using an alien symbiote that could merge with his body. However, in the story trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we see Harry back and asking for Peter’s help to save the world.

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With Harry out of his physical misery, we expect to see him become a central character in Peter’s journey. Harry can be seen being introduced to Miles Morales in one scene and Peter looks elated to have his best friend back. However, there may be more to the story than what we’ve seen so far.

What should we expect?

At the end of the story trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we can hear the same words uttered by Harry Osborne at the beginning of the video. However, the voice is distorted and makes us think of Venom. Since we know how the symbiote was an integral part of Harry’s hearing journey, it won’t be far-fetched to believe that the alien life form created some sort of bond with Harry.


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While Norman had great love for his son, their ultimate relationship did not bode well for Harry. A feud with his father could easily set Harry down a spiral where he needs to find support from the very thing that helped save his life. With that in mind, Harry’s potential transformation into Venom may be on the table. All we have to do is wait for a few more days and our answer shall be revealed in its entirety.


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What do you think will happen to Hary Osborne in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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