Outspoken Insider Mercilessly Blasts Danica Patrick’s ‘Myopic F**king Moron’ Attitude for Tainting Martin Truex Jr’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Untimely Demise

NASCAR isn’t just about races. It’s often the eye of the storm when it comes to controversies. Sure, there’s always some jostling on the track, but the behind-the-scenes buzz can be just as intense. Take Martin Truex Jr, for instance. Lately, he’s not just been skidding on the track with playoff races but also grappling with the heart-wrenching loss of his ex-girlfriend to cancer. But instead of offering a shoulder or a comforting word, ex-racer Danica Patrick threw salt in the wound with a crass remark.

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Unsurprisingly, this didn’t just ruffle the feathers of die-hard NASCAR fans but also left a sour taste in some of the inner circles. Rising to the occasion, a NASCAR insider didn’t bite their tongue, clapping back with a fitting response to Patrick’s insensitive jibe.

NASCAR insider takes Danica Patrick to task for controversial comment on Martin Truex Jr


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Danica Patrick, once hailed as a beacon for women in the male-dominated world of NASCAR, is now at the eye of the storm. A single comment has painted her as a spotlight chaser, drawing the ire of many.

While she wasn’t closely tied to either Martin Truex Jr or his late girlfriend, Sherry Pollex, she took a moment meant for mourning and made it a stage for herself.

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In response to Martin Truex Jr.’s heartfelt tribute, Patrick responded with an unkind jab, suggesting his message was insincere and merely crafted by a PR rep. Her words? “This is the most insensitive, disconnected statement from a guy that I have never liked. I don’t care what happened between them but this is as cold as it gets. A PR rep wrote this guaranteed. You’re free from this now Sherry.”

NASCAR insider Michael McCarthy, aka Large, has come forward to vocally condemn the comment by the now-Sky News host and podcaster. Expressing disbelief, he remarked, “When I read this, I had asked a couple of people, am I missing something? Like, is there some sort of huge, despicable history between either Martin and Sherry or Martin and Danica? And even if there was, this wasn’t the time or the place for this myopic f**king moron to write something like this.”

He didn’t mince words and added that many have been walking on eggshells discussing this on podcasts and NASCAR platforms. Regardless of NASCAR’s relationship with Patrick, she ought to be red-faced, Large said. She turned a genuine tragedy into a spectacle.

Following the heavy backlash, it appears Danica Patrick is reaching out for a truce, sharing another post on her Instagram, hoping to mend bridges.

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Danica Patrick strikes a reflective note on Instagram amidst rising controversy

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After stirring the pot with her untimely comment, Danica Patrick faced more than just the ire of NASCAR insiders. She also saw a chilly shift from her usually ardent fanbase. While she hasn’t directly acknowledged the storm she’s sparked, she took a step back into the limelight. She turned to Instagram to share a poignant quote from Lewis Howes about life’s sacrifices and personal growth.

“If you are serious about growth, be serious about accountability. If you are serious about abundance, be serious about gratitude. If you are serious about intimacy, be serious about vulnerability. If you are serious about discipline, be serious about delayed gratification,” the quote read.


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Though the fire from her earlier remark still smolders, this gesture might be her olive branch, a way of charting a path toward redemption. Only time will tell if her supporters see it that way.

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