“Pinch Myself Everyday”: Overcome by Rush of Emotions, 58YO NBA Legend Re-Lives 2YO Moment Through Resurfaced Clip

The game of basketball is filled with moments of joy and awe. However, there are such cases, where an interaction off-court can kindle an equal amount of passion in an NBA legend. A former shooting guard for the Indiana Pacers recalled such a moment in his career. Interestingly, one of his highest honors as a player would come decades after his retirement.

The 5x All-Star’s emotional journey resurfaced through an Instagram story that has sent a wave of joy through the basketball Community.

This legend didn’t expect to be on the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team

On May 7, 1995, Madison Square Garden saw one of the most incredible few seconds of basketball ever. With Indiana down 6, their #31 made two incredible three-pointers to even up the game. Then with 7.5 seconds remaining, the score was tied at 105. Up stepped Reggie Miller. After knocking down the game-tying 3s, Miller coolly knocked down 2 free throws to beat the Knicks at home in Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals.

30 years later, Reggie remains 4th on the league’s all-time 3-pointers made list. Despite his incredible resume, his humility shined through in a 2-year-old clip. Miller was eventually caught unaware by the crew of NBA’s Inside the TNT show.

It was quite clear that there were some special plans in place as the studio host Ernie Johnson invited Miller into the broadcast. Miller, who expected a conversation revolving around Stephen Curry, was left shocked. Johnson winked while breaking the astounding news with a twinkle in his eye.

Reggie Miller had made it on the honorable list of the top 75 greatest players in NBA history.

The surprise announcement was the cherry on top of the cake, but its clearly a moment that Miller likes to recall. He highlighted the same on his Instagram story today. This was a moment that could never be forgotten. A caption: “Pinch Myself every day” and the clip captured it all.

Reggie Miller’s emotional reaction

Miller’s response was very genuine, and it spread beyond the studio.

I’m a little shaken right now, because I wasn’t expecting to be on that list,” admitted the big-shot maker. Fans could see how close the legend was to breaking into tears. When the Hall of Famer realized the honor he had been given, his face lit up in a smile.

The reactions of the fans and fellow players who watched the video were filled with praise and congratulations in the comment section. On the night of the famed anniversary celebration, Reggie would enjoy several heartwarming moments among other NBA legends.

Reggie Miller’s emotional moment proves that sports are not merely about victories or defeats, but moments that stir your soul.

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