Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Here’s What Nintendo Has Changed With Update 2.0.1

Nintendo has been teasing the community with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for a while now. The Japanese gaming giants have been baiting hints around the next coming DLC for the 2022 releases. Finally, as the countdown to the Pokemon DLC launch begins, another interesting Nintendo announcement has taken the fans by surprise. 

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The initial launch of the 2022 Nintendo project was subjected to a lot of criticism. Most of the gamers expressed their concerns with the persisting bugs. However, the announcement of the first DLC to the label gave them a reason to keep an eye. Now, as the world awaits the launch of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there’s also a solution for all the bugs reported earlier. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet get better with the new patch!


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As the fans had already anticipated, the launch of a new DLC has brought an upgrade to the source game. And the developers have addressed all the complaints the gamers had against the 2022 release. Version 2.0.1 is the latest update that the patch’s creators have given it. The patch focuses on eliminating all problems while also adding some exciting new gameplay elements.

The correct information has been corrected in the move descriptions for Stone Axe, Dire Claw, and Ceaseless Edge. Prior to Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, these attacks’ descriptions said that they were “aiming to land a critical hit,” however they do not increase the critical-hit percentage. This text is no longer included in these descriptions.

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A glitch that prevented a Pokémon from receiving the Itemfinder Mark even when the conditions were met has been fixed. If they are defeated after a predetermined amount of time, wild Pokémon bearing the Titan Mark will now reappear on the field. Pokémon icons are now shown differently in the Boxes. There have been many more bug fixes.


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New Features that steal the show 

The bug fixations in the game were long due. But the latest patch announcement has the fan’s attention for another reason. Everything that the new patch offers to add to the original source game has made the fans highly invested in its release. Here are some of the new features brought to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet patch –

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  • Players can now access the mini maps to expand their exploration of the Pokemon universe.

  • You will now be able to modify the camera setting of the game directly enhancing your immersive experience. Adding to that, you can take pictures in the game and also share them during the Union Circle sessions. 

  • The communication of your character to the Pokemon has also been upgraded. Gamers can now signal their accomplice Pokemon to ‘stay where they are’.

  • Developers have also added a TM Machines feature that lets you filter for moves that your Pokémon can learn. You can only see TMs with moves that a certain Pokémon can learn by interacting with a TM Machine and choosing the option to filter for learnable moves.


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The patch goes live on September 12 followed by the DLC release the next day. Excited? 

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