Post-cardinals Heartbreak, Cowboys LB Micah Parsons Has a 5-Worded Advice Ahead of Patriots Challenge

Losing is tough, and bouncing back from that loss is even tougher. This is exactly what the Dallas Cowboys are going through. After facing a very humbling loss against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night, the team members and the fans were utterly disheartened. And as they gear up to face the New England Patriots, the team’s LB Micah Parsons has some words to share.

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Parson agrees that this loss put a screeching halt to the Cowboys’ winning streak of the season and their cheerfulness for the game as well. As week 4 approaches, Parson gave an inspiring message to his team, acknowledging how the previous game affected them.

Micah Parson’s advice for his team


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Following the loss against the Cardinals, the team was understandably in low spirits. So, the Cowboys’ line breaker Micah Parsons in his interview had a few words about what the Cowboys have in mind moving forward. He said, “We gotta get back on the road.” And this was not something that just Parson wanted. He mentioned that every single team member had this same thing on their mind.

Cowboys’ performance was nothing less than exceptional in Week 1 and Week 2. People across the globe went bonkers when they beat the NY Giants with an astounding score of 40-0. Their win against the NY Jets with a score of 30-10 was commendable as well. However, the victory seeped through their head, resulting in a loss in week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals. The scores of 28-16 were too humbling for the team. So, now the team has a lot of mental work to do before stepping back into the ground next time.

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What’s next for Micah Parson and the Cowboys?

Along with addressing the problematic areas in their offensive and defensive lines, the team also has to address its game plan post the winning streak and the grounding loss. The Cowboys will face the New England Patriots at the AT&T stadium in Cowboy’s home ground Texas. Moreover, the Owner of the stadium, Jerry Jones, is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys as well. Thus, the pressure on the team is a bit more than usual.

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Alongside the pressure, many fans and experts are predicting the ball to be in the Cowboys court. Mostly because they will come perfectly prepared in the ground after their heartbreaking loss. However, the New England Patriots also have a lot at stake to lose this time. Amidst all the questions, one thing is sure, that the audience will get to see a game that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

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