PS5 Slim or PS5: Which One Is Better?

Sony is all set to launch its thinner PlayStation device to the fans this November. This new PlayStation device aka PlayStation 5 Slim already has taken the internet on storm. And why not? Because PlayStation 5 Slim looks more compact and small compared to the existing PS5 device. But that is not the concern of the users!

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Sony announced that with its last PS5 leaving its inventory, PS5 Slim will be the only existing PS device in the market. And that made fans quite concerned since PS5’s popularity among gamers is undeniable. With all this information fuelling the fire of fans’ excitement, let’s have a quick analysis of both PS5 and PS5 Slim to see which one stands out as the best. 

PS5 vs PS 5 Slim: Similarities and differences


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Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim will offer two versions. In one, players will be able to attach a separate disc drive, which can be bought later. In the second variant, there is no space for a disc drive, for which the second variant is called PS5 Slim’s Digital Edition. Not just that, this device will be 30% less heavy and 18-24% less weighty compared to the existing PlayStation 5.

Yes, PS 5 Slim is approx. 2.6 Kg, where is PS5 is 3.2 Kg. However, both the devices will have x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 2″ B Cores/16 Threads CPU with Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine. In fact, their SSD and System memory are also exactly similar, which is 1TB and GDDR6 16 GB respectively. With specified HDMI 2.1 version support, both the devices will also offer 4K visual output supporting 8K Televisions and VRR as well. 

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Now that it is clear that in terms of specs, both PS5 and PS5 Slim offers similar features. It is the size and the dimension of both devices, which makes the difference. But will this dimensional difference impact the performance of the devices? 

PS5 or PS5 Slim: Which one is better?

While the majority of the PS fans think that both the devices will offer almost similar performance, they might be wrong. Looking at Sony’s previous records, it is undeniable that this company is always looking forward to something unique. And with the launch of a slimmer PS5 device, Sony will definitely try to outshine its existing PS5 device. And it is not impossible! Since PS5 Slim’s dimension is 358 x 80 x 216 mm (Width x height x depth) compared to PS 5’s dimension 358 x 96 x 216 mm, fans believe it will effectively develop the performance of the console. This is because the slimmer size can effectively boost up the system’s cooling mechanism and airflow to work more appropriately while engaging in long-time gaming. What do you think?


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While fans are completely over the moon with the upcoming PS5 Slim’s better performance, Sony has yet to comment vividly on that. And like always, this time Sony might leave it in the hands of the fans to use it and determine its functionality. Despite everything, PS 5 Slim’s news surely snatched away the sleep of many PS users. And now with the news of its optimized performance, fans can’t stop but wait for the device’s release this November. 

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