“R.I.P Uncle Roger”: Fans Get Nostalgic as Floyd Mayweather Shows Impressive Pad Work With Late Uncle in Forgotten Clip

In a world where the past often remains buried, the internet has a curious way of digging it up. Sometimes, it’s a long-forgotten tune; other times, a grainy home video. Recently, a lost clip surfaced, pulling heartstrings and evoking memories of a boxing legend and his iconic mentor. The clip, though brief, was a revelation. It wasn’t about the punches, jabs, or even the dazzling footwork. It was the undeniable synergy between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his late uncle, Roger Mayweather.

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Their synchronization was almost eerily perfect. It wasn’t just practice; it was a silent language, an art form mastered by two unparalleled talents. A moment in time, lost and now found. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the fiery rings, roaring crowds, or title belts that captured the essence of their bond, but a simple pad work routine.

Behind every great boxer: The Roger and Floyd Mayweather legacy


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The resurfaced clip shared widely on Twitter, powerfully showcases the unmatched connection between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his uncle, Roger Mayweather. As they further glide through their pad work routine, Floyd displays a prowess that many attribute to the rigorous training and mentorship of his uncle Roger. Watching this clip, it’s evident why Floyd has been hailed as one of boxing’s greats.

One fan marveled at Floyd’s exceptional ability to execute challenging drills. Which, to the average eye, appeared deceptively simple. Moreover, Floyd’s effortless finesse had always made the complex look easy, leaving spectators in awe.

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Transitioning to Roger’s role, another fan’s sentiment resonated with many, crediting him as one of the all-time best trainers. His expertise, combined with Floyd’s talent, became a recipe for unrivaled success in the boxing world.

On the other hand, one fan recalled past criticisms suggesting that the duo’s training stints were more for the camera than genuine practice. Such skepticism, although prevalent then, has been disproven time and again with each victorious match Floyd participated in.

The spotlight, however, doesn’t only shine on Floyd. Another fan’s observation about Roger being a superstar in his own right emphasizes the profound impact he had on the boxing community, both as a trainer and a boxer.

One keen observer’s nostalgic comment encapsulates the feelings of many. The void left by Roger’s demise is palpable. But as this clip reminds us, his teachings and influence on Floyd will remain an integral part of boxing history, celebrated and missed by fans around the globe.


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In reflecting on the timeless moments shared between Floyd and his uncle, we’re reminded of the transient nature of life. And also the lasting legacies some individuals leave behind. Through their relentless dedication and unparalleled skill, this duo carved a niche in boxing history that generations will celebrate.


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So, who in today’s boxing world will take up the mantle and inspire future generations in the same indomitable way? What are your thoughts? So, who do you see as the next iconic duo in the world of sports?

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