Rare Little League Photos of Shohei Ohtani Surface as Two-Way Phenom’s $500M Free Agency Looms

Fans consistently harbor curiosity regarding their beloved entity. For fans, finding the unseen and unknown secrets of their idol enables them to know their worshipped entity more deeply. Sometimes, these searches bring to light some old photos or incidents that make them nostalgic. Primarily, they seek the heroic deeds of their idol to enhance the image even more. While most celebrities and sports people experience it, how can the 21st century Babe Ruth, Shohei Ohtani avoid it? Amidst the speculations about his future pitching career and free agency, a fan shared some rare pictures of the Japanese star that brought back his Little League days to mind.

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The Japanese star began his baseball career in Japan with the Little League team, the Mizusawa Pirates. While he played with them for six years, his potential was clearly visible. The MLB star played here in early 2000 between the ages of 8 and 14. The rare photos from that time rewind the entire journey of him to becoming the two-way phenom.

Fans Trying to Cheer Up Their Lost Spirit With Ohtani’s Little League Memories


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The 2023 season was a turbulent one for the baseball star and his fans. While the speculations and uncertainties still remain, fans have dived into his past to find his shining moments. A recent Twitter post shows a few rare Ohtani images from his childhood baseball games, wearing the Mizusawa Little League jersey. These images captured various moments of the two-way phenom, including his carrying the flag, a team photo with his then-teammates, and his pitching move.

These images evoke memories of the journey Shohei Ohtani undertook as a child, ultimately transforming into a superhero figure for young aspiring players. His unparalleled focus and determination brought him the fame and achievements he garnered in the major leagues so far.

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From a little league child player to becoming America’s sensational 21st-century Babe Ruth, Ohtani has achieved remarkable success. Even his little league coach, Shoji Asari, once revealed the determination the young Ohtani showed when asked to join the softball team.

The coach revealed, “But he looked straight into my eyes and said, ‘I want to play hardball with this team.” With this determination and passion, he surpassed all his teammates soon after he joined the league. “He shot me a dagger-like look, and then hit his next homer to left field. I think that was when he found the fun of opposite-field hitting.”

The Ohtani endeavor is still continuing even in the MLB, as his exceptional skills make the league implement new rules.

MLB Included ‘Ohtani Rule’ In 2022


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Major League Baseball often implements new rules, but it’s a rare case when things have changed considering a player’s condition. However, last year, fans witnessed it when the MLB included a rule allowing designated hitters to pitch.

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Per MLB.com, “The proposed new rule says that if the starting pitcher is also in the lineup as the DH, then that player can remain as the DH even if he is removed as a pitcher.” It ultimately allowed Ohtani and every other pitcher like him to serve both as a starting pitcher and a DH in any given game.


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While the glorious journey of Shohei Ohtani cannot be suppressed, his current TJ surgery again makes his pitching career uncertain, at least for the next season.

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