Red Dead Online Weekly Rewards (September 26 – October 2): 2X RDO$ on Bounties, 3X Rewards on Reckoning & Manhunt and More

Red Dead Online is the cowboy counterpart to Rockstar Games, GTA Online. Both these games follow a similar theme of a life of crime and being an outlaw. Red Dead Online shares lots of features with GTA Online and both these games offer players weekly reward bonuses. From reward multipliers to discounts, Red Dead Online has a lot of exciting content to explore this week.

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While players collect bounties in this western wasteland, Rockstar continues to drop new content every week for players to explore. Here is what’s in store for players for the week of September 26 to October 2.

Red Dead Online Reward Multipliers


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For this week, Rockstar Games is giving players 2x RDO$ and XP on all bounties. This includes Regular, Player, Infamous, and Legendary Bounties. While the multiplier applies for money and XP, players who take down Infamous and Legendary Bounties will also receive twice the gold in the game.

There is a special 3x multiplier on RDO$, Gold, and XP on Trade-ins for vigilantes who reach Rank 30 as a bounty hunter. This can be accessed by checking the new tab unlocked in the Awards section upon hitting level 30.

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Players can also participate in the Day of Reckoning and Manhunt Free Roam Events to earn triple RDO$ and XP. The Featured series events in RDO have a 2x multiplier to earn double RDO$, Gold, and XP throughout the month.

Rewards coming to Red Dead Online

This week, completing any Bounty Hunter Free Roam Event, such as Manhunt or Day of Reckoning, before October 2 grants players grey and navy Griffith Chaps. Prestigious Bounty Hunter License holders who capture both a Legendary and Infamous Bounty this month receive a dark olive Benbow Jacket and a pack of Cigarettes that slightly enhance Deadeye’s abilities.

Pursuing an outlaw’s path and completing any Blood Money Opportunity yields green and light tan, Calhoun Boots while completing three Blood Money Contracts earns you the grey Winter Shotgun Coat for added protection. Additionally, specific players who complete Bounties between September 26 to October 2 receive the gray Benbow Jacket as a limited-time reward. All earned rewards are delivered within 72 hours of completion.


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Merchants are selling the Squat Stovepipe Hat and Charro Jacket for a limited time. Players can visit their local Tailor or order them from the Catalogue before they disappear. The event also includes discounts on various items in the store. These include Ammo Crafting Pamphlets, Bounty Hunter Emotes, Dramatic Actions Emotes, Ponchos, Turkoman Horses, Revolvers, Bolas, and Rifle and Pistol Ammo.

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Rockstar Games has also gone forward to add community-inspired outfits in the game. Players can collect items from participating Tailors and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue to create a dapper outfit inspired by Carly GB, a Red Dead Online content creator. The outfit includes a Cutter Hat, Ribbon Tie, Shotgun Coat, Paisley Vest, Doily Shirtwaist (Female) or Corrales Shirt (Male), Cabrera Pants, and Watonga Boots (Female) or Parson Boots (Male).


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While Red Dead Online updates its weekly rewards, this week is the last for the Bounty Hunter Rewards as next month Red Dead Online will explore another theme. With weekly updates keeping players engaged in the game with new content, what would you like to see in Red Dead Online next week?

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