Rediscovering Seth Rollins’ Overlooked Finishers: From King’s Landing to The Curb Stomp and Beyond

Seth Rollins is one of the top superstars in the WWE right now. He is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and an absolute fan favorite. Fans singing his entry music in unison every time he enters the ring is a testimony of their love for him. All this affection is due to the over-the-top performances he delivers purely for the fans’ entertainment. Most notably, his fans cherish his signature finishing moves which have been a constant over the past 13 years.

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Rollins’ current finisher, The Curb Stomp, has been a staple for quite some time now.

Seth Rollins has had almost 10 finishing moves to date


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A finishing move is something that is iconic and stays with a wrestler till the end of his career. This move becomes so synonymous that fans mimic the same with their siblings during childhood. Like the Stunner for Steve Austin, The Rock Bottom for Dwayne Johnson, and the leg drop for Hulk Hogan to name a few. Each of these wrestling legends started their career with this finishing move and held onto it till the very end.

But Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins on the other hand has changed finishing moves almost ten times in the last 13 years since he joined the WWE. He started his career in the WWE in 2010 with the finisher God’s Last Gift, a lethal combination of a suplex and a DDT. Then he started executing the Paroxysm which again resembles a suplex with the head facing upwards. After that, he resorted to high-risk maneuvers like the Phoenix Splash. This looked pretty scary but Rollins made the execution look smooth with his skills and experience.

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Post that he started using a finisher called the Avada Kedavra which was a superkick to the opponent when they were on their knees. Rollins then started using a complex finisher called The Skywalker which starts off as a Stunner but ends up as a backward DDT. He then resorted to the Divine High Knee which was him jumping from the side rope and kicking the opponent with his knee when mid-air. Then finally he started using the iconic Curb Stomp but was told to discontinue it as it was dangerous. Rollins then used Triple H’s Pedigree as his finisher for a time. During this time, he also used a move called the Fall Forward Single Underhook DDT. Then came the lethal King’s Landing which is just a straight brutal knee to the opponent’s face.

But Rollins has finally started using the Curb Stomp again and fans hope this will be his final finisher. Speaking about finishers, his match at Fastlane might just require him to execute all 10 of his finishers to be the last man standing.


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Seth Rollins faces Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing match at Fastlane

Seth Rollins has been feuding with Shinsuke Nakamura for over two months now. Rollins emerged victorious against him at Payback but Nakamura still taunts him with his mind games.

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And last week on RAW, Nakamura viciously attacked the already injured back of Rollins with multiple chair shots. Thus sending a brutal message that his back will be heavily targeted during their Last Man Standing match at Fastlane.


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Such a heinous attack has definitely left Rollins very shaken. Only time will tell if this back injury becomes the very reason he loses his title to Nakamura at Fastlane. But what are your opinions on Seth Rollins changing almost 10 finishing moves in his career? Will they be what wins him the fight against Nakamura?

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