“Replace Her”: Voices for Danica Patrick’s Ouster Grow as Crusade Against Hamilton’s Heartfelt Initiative Surfaces

Watching a sport without commentary just doesn’t have the same effect as it does with it. Through the years, Formula 1 has evolved from the legendary Murray Walker’s “Go, go, go!” and relatable Murrayisms to David Croft’s “It’s lights out, and away we go!” Along with the likes of Martin Brundle, Johnny Herbert, and Natalie Pinkham, race weekends make for a good viewing and listening experience. Needless to say, F1 can’t do without them. What (or rather, who) fans think F1 can do without, though, is Danica Patrick.

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A Wisconsin native, now-retired Patrick is the most successful woman in American open-wheel racing. As a former NASCAR driver, you would think she’d be a great addition to any commentary and analysis team. Well, that’s not how the F1 community views the racer-turned-pundit for Sky Sports F1. Especially after she went against a cause close to Lewis Hamilton’s heart.

Danica Patrick isn’t too liked in F1


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At the Hungarian GP—which featured the first-ever kid-led broadcast—a child broadcaster asked Patrick if she’d like to see a female F1 driver in the future. Instead of being the role model she should’ve been, she practically undermined the female community. She said, “I think that the nature of the sport is masculine. It’s aggressive. You have to handle the car—not only just the car because that’s skill, but the mindset that it takes to be really good is something that’s not normal in a feminine mind, a female mind.” After this, she went against a cause F1’s been working toward.

On an episode of Pretty Intense (Patrick’s podcast), she hosted climate change denier Randall Carlson. It’s evident climate change is happening. Over the years—other than promoting diversity and inclusivity in motorsport—Hamilton has built a reputation for advocating climate change prevention, especially in F1. F1’s goal to become carbon-neutral by 2030 is all about that. So when Patrick hosted a climate change denier on her show, people didn’t take it too well. 

A Twitter user wrote Patrick should no longer remain contracted to Sky Sports. They wrote, “I really hope @SkySportsF1 reviews its contract with Danica Patrick at the end of the season. Her recent appearances have been utterly appalling, and I’m not sure how you can promote a sustainability push when you employ a climate change denier in such a prominent position.” Many other users agreed with them and shared their thoughts as well.

The F1 community “can’t watch” Danica Patrick

The Hungarian GP weekend wasn’t Patrick’s finest moment on TV. Apart from what she said about women in F1, she also asked a few questions that put her F1 knowledge in question. During qualifying in Hungary, F1 had Alternative Tire Allocation—hard tires in Q1, medium tires in Q2, and soft tires in Q3. It’s common knowledge that soft tires are the fastest compounds. Despite that, she asked pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton if there was a difference between the three. Taking these instances into consideration, Twitterati expressed their views.

Some users suggested possible replacements, naming the likes of Bernie Collins (former Aston Martin strategist) and Rosanna Tennant.

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One user even wrote how they thought Sky renewed her contract.


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What do you think about Danica Patrick?

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