Ripping Nepotism Allegations Apart, Deion Sanders Fights For Son Shedeur’s Merited Rights By Dropping Cold Hard Facts

Nepotism is quite a controversial topic when it comes to a star child. People often ignore their skills and abilities and look at them through the lens of their parents. Although it’s not something bad, it gives the child something to look up to, but most of the time, the comments turn out to be baseless allegations. Shedeur Sanders is going through the same thing.

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Despite his skills, some people think that he is where is he because he is a product of nepotism. Deion Sanders is here to clear the misconceptions about him. Coach Prime recently came out to clear all the misconceptions regarding the Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders in a deep-hearted conversation with the sensational Taylor Rooks. Coach Prime handles these apprehensions in a very elegant manner in the Bleacher Report interview.

Deion Sanders clearing the air


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The reporter asked some interesting questions to Coach Prime about his quarterback son. She started off by quoting how his son doesn’t get the due respect because he is the son of a Hall of Famer. Sanders revealed that if his son were to come out of school with such skills, without being associated with him, he would have gotten 5 stars, not that it matters to anyone. Nepotism or not, the Sanders brothers have had a lot of limelight since their last few games.

Sanders then pointed out his son’s physical prowess and his body’s mechanics, quoting it to be “unbelievable”, and shed more light on his stats from the last two years as a QB. Starting from his career at Jacksonville State University, he has been an exceptional player, with about 70 touchdowns in his two-year college football career. Coach Sanders says that people often tell him that he’s giving his son a pass, or a job at the Colorado Buffaloes, often including his sheer athletic abilities.

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All of this is very exhausting for Coach Prime and Shedeur Sanders, as it has also brought a sense of resentment within the Quarterback. “Now he has a chip on his shoulder”, added Coach Prime. Shedeur Sanders’ skill as a footballer is on par with some of the very good players in the league, even Tom Brady admitted the fact to Deion Sanders in his podcast “Lets Go” on Sirus XM.

Despite the chatter, Coach Prime and his son are tight.

Coach Prime reveals his feelings about people’s perception of his quarterback son. He has to deal with a lot of haters and naysayers in the past. The beef with Jay Norvell and Matt Rhule was enough to tell us how the Coach deals with the hate, by winning that is. Things just don’t come to people if there is no substance behind them. And Shedeur Sanders has a lot of substance in him.


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“We ride and die together”, said the coach to the reporter, describing his bond with his son. Coach admitted that his son was going to enroll in the FAU, because of coach Willie Taggart. But he didn’t go because he didn’t want to spend his college career on the bench. Coach helped him by getting him started right away, reflecting a sense of understanding that they have between each other.

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The Colorado Buffaloes will be going against the Oregon Ducks very soon. Let us see if that “chip on his shoulder” drives him to achieve great things in the next game.

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