Rodeo Champion Pulls Ahead in Standings With Record-Breaking Fourth Event Victory

Last year, to reach the untapped market and increase the following of the bull riding game, professional bull riding introduced team events and championships. The league had eight teams that competed with each other at events before the final in Las Vegas. After the success of the first year, the event returned this year with more thrill and excitement.

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This year one team has set the standards high from the beginning and has maintained it till now. It is none other than Austin Gamblers. After missing the title last year, this year the team has shown a formidable form and talent to remain at the top of the standing. With the win of the Greensboro event in North Carolina, they have cemented their position.

Austin Gamblers perfect win at Greensboro bull riding


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Austin Gamblers maintained their perfect show at the PBR Camping World Series after winning the fourth event this year. According to PBR, After defeating Missouri Thunder and Arizona Ridge Riders in their first two games, they were now against Oklahoma Freedom. Prior to this game, Oklahoma Freedom had won one and lost one game. On the final day of the event, the first ride of both teams went to waste after their lead riders failed to capitalize on their chance. In the second round, Rafael dos Santos scored a perfect ride on Pneu-Dart’s Chief Wahoo scoring 88 points and the Gamblers the much-needed lead. For Oklahoma the story was the same and Bill Henry failed in his attempt.

In the third round brothers Adriano Salgado and Thiago Salgado appeared for Gamblers and Oklahoma. But, unfortunately, both were unsuccessful in their ride and failed to give their respective teams a score. In the fourth round, Ezekiel Mitchell scored an epic 90-point ride on Preachers Kid and helped the team score 178 points on board. This was the last successful attempt of the game with Oklahoma failing to score in its remaining rides. After winning their second against Arizona Ridge Riders by a margin of 4 points, thanks to Jose Vitor Leme’s 90-point ride and fabulous start at the first game, this was an incredible ending for the Gamblers.

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Austin Gambler’s incredible start at Greensboro bull riding

Austin Gamblers began their journey at the Greensboro bull riding event of the Camping World Series against the Missouri Thunder. The first round was unsuccessful with athletes of both teams not managing to stick on their respective bulls for eight seconds. The second round also had the same story. In the third round, after the first unsuccessful ride, Missouri Thunder took a re-ride and Felipe Furlan scored a perfect 88.75 points on Suger Smack.

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In the fourth round, Rafael dos Santos of Austin Gamblers broke his team’s unsuccessful rides sequence and put 87.25 points on the board riding Wicked Ways. In the final round, Andrew Alvidrez couldn’t put more score on the board for Thunder after being bucked off by Preachers Kid in 3.5 seconds. Then came Jose Vitor Leme for Gamblers who scored an 87.5-point ride on Pelican Punch and his team a 86 points win. The final score was  174.75-88.75.

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