“Scares the Sh*t Out of Me” – Distressed Joe Rogan Forecasts Doom for Governments With Cryptocurrency Surge in a Confession to ChatGPT Co-Founder

Technological growth is exponential. The growth in the processing speed of computers, which has doubled every one and a half to two years since the 1960s is a case in point. This is because every new technology opens the doors for other newer technologies and makes the older ones more effective and efficient.

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And two such innovative and unprecedented technological advancements that have gained currency over the past decade have the potential to, no hyperbole, change the world. These are cryptocurrency and the rise of generative AI based upon Large Language Machine Learning Models. Cryptocurrency has ended the monopoly central banks have enjoyed over issuing currencies. And Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, poster child of LLM based AI, joined Joe Rogan to talk about the prospects of Bitcoin and CBDCs.

Joe Rogan is enthusiastic about the prospects of Bitcoin


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On the JRE podcast, Altman and Joe Rogan got to discussing crypto and specifically Bitcoin. The UFC commentator expressed his fascination for Bitcoin, stating it had the potential to become a universal currency. He stated that it was scarce and could be mined on computers and was glad it was gaining popularity.

“The real fascinating crypto is Bitcoin. To me, that’s the one that I think has the most likely possibility of becoming a universal viable currency. It’s limited in the amount that there can be [and] people mine it with their own [computer]. That to me is very fascinating. I love the fact that it’s been implemented,” Rogan said.

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Altman agreed and stated that a currency out of the purview of any single government or central bank was a positive development and made sense as the technology had advanced. “I think this idea that we have a global currency that is outside of the control of any government is a super logical and important step on the tech tree,” the AI mogul told the $200 million podcast’s host.

Rogan scared at the prospect of CBDC


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Interestingly, Rogan had earlier talked about another innovation in currency- Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). These are digital currencies issued by central banks whose value is pegged to the fiat currency issued by it. Many countries such as India, China, and the Bahamas have already launched their CBDCs. The podcast host felt that this would be a way for governments to control its citizens and expressed strong disapproval for the move in a conversation with hip-hop artist Post Malone.

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“That [CBDC] scares the sh*t out of me. The push to that is not for the overall good of society, that’s for control,” Rogan said. “No f**ing way. That’s what I think. That’s checkmate. That’s game over,” he added.


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While the United States Fed has not yet launched the CBDC, other G7 central banks such as the Bank of England and Bank of Japan have made progress on it. But, Rogan clearly is not a fan. What do you think about Rogan’s comments on Bitcoin and CBDC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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