“She’s Watching For Posh” – Not Watched David Beckham’s Documentary, Despite Starring in it, Rio Ferdinand Admits His Wife’s Preferences in the Netflix Project

Fans have been gushing about the David Beckham‘s latest Netflix docuseries. The former soccer star’s show ‘Beckham’ has received great praise from the fans for providing a unique perspective to the fans. However, despite the show’s immense popularity, it seems like one of David’s teammates is yet to watch the show. Former Manchester United icon Rio Ferdinand touched down on his former teammates’ Netflix show, adding that while he was yet to watch the show, his wife beat him to the chase. However, he quickly noted that his wife did not watch the show for David Beckham but his wife, Victoria.

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David Beckham has been the talk of the town following the release of his docuseries. The English icon has gained immense praise following the show’s release, with multiple A-Listers praising the Englishman for his work on the show.

Rio Ferdinand comments on former teammate’s Netflix show


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Former Manchester United icon Rio Ferdinand commented that he had recorded an interview for the show but did not think it would make the final cut.

“I didn’t realize I was going to be in it at all, I might have done an interview eighteen months or two years ago. I done it long ago that I forgot. And no way I thought the interview I did would make it, I thought it would be on the floor somewhere.”

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Beckham’s former teammate added that while he hasn’t watched the show, his wife has. However, he did not miss a beat to clarify that his wife watched it for Victoria Beckham, not her husband.

“People are like have you seen the Beckham documentary and I’m like I haven’t seen it yet. My wife, she’s not watching it for Becks by the way. [She’s watching] for Posh, she likes Posh, so just keep that there, yeah! That’s what Becks does, he brings something different to the game. He bought that razmataz, that stardom. I’ll watch it tonight.”

Ferdinand is right about David Beckham when commenting that the Englishman brought a unique flair to the game. The Inter Miami owner, while not being the best player on the pitch, made a reputation for himself over the years. During his recent podcast, a popular comedian went ahead and added that Beckham is on a planet of his own.


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Andrew Schultz lavishes praise on Inter Miami owner

During their recent episode of the Flagrant podcast, host Andrew Schultz and Akaash Singh could not stop raving about David Beckham. The duo, while discussing who is the hottest athlete, put the Englishman at the top of their list. Akaash praised the soccer star, claiming he was hot even with a bald look.

“He’s so hot dude, it’s crazy. You didn’t realize it when he was younger. He shaves his head and gets hotter. That’s when I was like this guy is a smoke show.” During the conversation, one member asked if David Beckham was hotter than soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo. This time it was Andrew Schulz who quickly commented, “Dude, David Beckham is on another planet.”


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Akaash and Andrew were not wrong in their deduction as David Beckham was voted the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ back in 2015. The soccer star following his sporting career has transcended into a celebrity phenomenon.

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