“So Disgusted With Myself”: Despite $4 Billion Empire, Grant Cardone Confesses About Being Disappointed Looking Himself in the Mirror After Mike Tyson States Hard-Hitting Fact About Hitting Rock Bottom

Featuring in the latest episode of Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, Grant Cardone, a world-renowned entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and investor, reflects on hitting rock bottom. Cardone, the internet personality, had a rocky past, having been involved in drugs as a child, which landed him in prolonged treatment. However, the 65-year-old claimed he could have sunk even lower.

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Despite amassing a $600 million net worth and establishing a $4 billion real estate empire today, Cardone maintains a thirst for more. During his appearance in the podcast, DJ Whoo Kid asked Cardone about the lowest point in his life. In response, Cardone delved deep into the intricacies of hitting rock bottom, something most people don’t fathom. Yet, when Mike Tyson, who has faced many adversities in his own life, stated a hard-to-digest fact from his own experience, Cardone explained his disappointment when he looked at himself in the mirror.

Grant Cardone makes a candid confession


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While listening to Cardone’s confession about his disappointment, Mike Tyson revealed, “Rock bottom is a lot of shame.” Following Mike’s statement, Cardone elaborated that it’s not just the outward appearance but the emotional scars that left him disappointed when he looks at himself in the mirror. “It’s not just the stitches on the face. It’s the insides, man. I would look at myself in the mirror and just be so disgusted with myself,” Cardone told Mike.

Cardone emphasized that his whole life has been a disappointment, knowing the fact that he could have done better. “Knowing I could do better, I mean this the whole story. My whole life has been just disappointment,” confessed Cardone. Later in the interview, Cardone acknowledges despite his accomplishments, he experiences self-doubt, considering Mike’s transformation over the years. “I have seen you change so many times, man. Become so many better versions of yourself,” Cardone told Mike.

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Mike Tyson reveals the lowest point in his career

Mike Tyson has had an illustrious boxing career with several highs and lows. Some would expect the lowest point in his career to be his loss to Buster Douglas or the time when he went to jail. But according to Mike, none of those are the lowest points of his career. In an interview with Boxing News, Mike revealed the lowest point in his career, and no one could have guessed what he said.


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According to Mike, the lowest point in his career was when he first walked inside a boxing gym. Mike claimed that was the point when he realized he would be committed to becoming the best in the sport. It changed his life entirely and started him on a path to greatness. “My career low is just my first time getting involved in boxing. That’s my low because I knew my life would never be the same,” Mike told Boxing News.


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Despite achieving significant success in his career, Cardone claims he could have done more while appearing in Mike’s podcast. Do you agree with Cardone’s assertion? Or is Cardone being too hard on himself – let us know in the comments below.

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