‘S**t Take’: Europe Frontman Rory McIlroy Gets Belittled by Tiger Woods Yet Again as 3x Major Champion Makes Bold Comparisons

Any golfer on their way to greatness is often compared to Tiger Woods in the sport. The reason is simple: Woods gets all the credit for taking golf to a whole new level. From winning 15 majors to becoming the first billionaire in the golf world, the golf legend arguably stands for the whole sport itself.

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‘Tiger’ is now a synonym for those whose games are making headlines in the golf world. This time, however, the scenario is different. In light of the Ryder Cup, a three-time major champion has made bold assertions involving both Woods and his friend and colleague Rory McIlroy, causing an uproar among the fans and forcing the latter to be belittled!

Golf veteran’s statement about Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy doesn’t sit right with the fans


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Being 52 years old, Padraig Harrington is very active on the field and a fine competitor for many young players. Thanks to his experience, he is often looked up to in high regard for his advice and opinion. And just like how he opined on a ‘Rule of Golf’ days ago, the golf pro has now spoken up about McIlroy.

Harrington has participated in the Ryder Cup six times and was named the European Ryder Cup captain in 2021. But he won’t be in Rome this time. But that doesn’t mean he is not at all involved in the game. And now, in the midst of the Woods’ absence on the field in the Ryder Cup, the Irish golfer shared who is the new Woods on the European team, and it was none other than his fellow Irishman.

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On its Instagram page, Beefs Golf Club posted a portion of Harrington’s interview. The Irish golfer referred to Rory McIlroy as Europe’s Tiger Woods.Rory is the Tiger Woods of the European team. You know, for us, when we were going up against Tiger, every player in the group put their hand up if we could play against Tiger. Because you can’t lose! There is nothing to lose. He’s expected to beat you.” And now, according to Harrington McIlroy, this is the one that poses the biggest threat to the opposition. ”Going out against Rory, the players know it’ like two points we need Rory,” said Harrington.

It is undoubtedly clear that McIlroy is the player to keep an eye out for based on his success these past years and his current world ranking. However, he is arguably still far behind his close friend Woods in more ways than one. And even though that’s not what Harrignton thinks, it certainly seems like his fans do!

The golf world believes that the Irishman’s stats are nowhere close to Woods’

Harrington’s statement left a lot of fans perplexed. The explanation is simple: Woods has accomplished so much that it will take McIlroy some time to catch up to that position. And with that in mind, they flooded the Instagram post, belittling McIlroy.

For one fan, there is no one that can compare to Woods’ success. He wrote, ”Nah. Great player, but come on, Paddy.”

For one, Sergio Garcia‘s Ryder Cup history was more successful than McIlroy’s. He wrote, ”You mean Sergio, right”

One commented that the Irishman was a great player, but his record was nowhere near that of Woods’. ”He is good, but not Tiger good – Tiger was a different level. Rory has 4 majors and last win was 2014.”


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”😂 S**t take” claimed one, thinking on similar lines with the rest of the fans, while another wrote, ”No he’s not”

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For one, McIlroy’s records are not even close to the 15-time major winner’s, ”😂😂😂😂 not even close ffs.😂”

Opinions like ”He’s really not” and ”Hmmmm not” were also rampant in the comments section, discrediting the 4-time major winner.


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What do you think about Harrington’s big words? Do you agree with the fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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