Starfield Money Glitch Continues to Exist After Patch Update 1.7.33 and Here’s How to Exploit

After facing several bugs, Starfield finally dropped patch 1.7.33. This update has patched various glitches related to infinite credits in the game.  Previously known and exploited money glitches like Kilo City and Atlantic City, have been officially patched. Players can no longer go underneath the map to access certain items because the chests no longer exist. While most of the glitches were fixed, there were still some that slipped the devs’ radar.

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Although Bethesda has worked on fixing all the glitches, there are still some exploits that give players a ton of money. There are currently two known exploits that still work in Starfield. Here are the two money glitches that players can execute after the 1.7.33 patch update.

Starfield unlimited contraband glitch


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The first glitch that players can use to make money in the game is by selling contraband. A bug enables players to acquire unlimited contraband which they can sell for money.

To perform this glitch, players need to invade a ship that contains Contraband. Most banded ships should have Contraband on board. In order to attain loot, players need to dock the ship and eliminate any enemies on board. Next, players can loot the bodies on the ship and look for the one body that respawns loot. Once that is done, there will be contraband that players can loot to sell for money.

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Additionally, players can pick up other items such as props and ammo boxes that are kept around the ship. After looting, players need to leave the ship and head to a planet. The next step is to open the map and return to the same ship. Doing so will reset the loot inside and players can pick up the items again. This process can be repeated multiple times to accumulate Contraband which can be sold for money.

Ship Switching Glitch


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The second active glitch that players can exploit is the Ship-switching glitch. This involves boarding another ship, which can be any ship, including abandoned ones work for this glitch. Players then need to eliminate all enemies on the ship and ensure that the ship’s engine is fully repaired.

Once the engine is repaired, players travel to any Starship, such as the clinic. After that, they need to talk to the ship representative and make the ship their home ship.  To make money from this glitch players need to sell and repurchase the ship to accumulate a significant amount of loot from the ship’s cargo hold.

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After accumulating large amounts of loot, players can travel to Venus and locate a seller or vendor on the map. This is where players can sell their items to the vendor for good amounts of money.
Players can sit down and rest for one hour in the game, to refresh the vendor’s list.


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With previously known glitches fixed in the recent update, it is very likely that Bethesda will be patching this glitch soon. Although the underground storage money glitch has been fixed, players can still exploit these two glitches until they are inevitably patched soon. While such bugs reduce in number as the game ages through patch updates, players could wait for a possible DLC update to find new exploits.

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