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Read 7 rose's Enhypen X Male Reader -

7 rose's Enhypen X Male Reader

Authors: lalemon_manofoot

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 28-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Male reader x enhypen

Lee Y/N a teenage boy who really loves dancing,singing,rapping he is the ideal man of every one, however there some guys who is jealuos of him idk bcs.....the seven boys fall for him "hi i'm jake nice to meet you" "hi i'm heeseung" "niki is me" "hi i'm the sunshine of the group my name is sunoo" "park jay" "hi i'm the most handsome guy here my name is sunghoon" they're so handsome and tall too Y/N said in his mind "ahh yes Lee Y/N the student council president"


"7 boys fell for me n-no that's not true" Y/N said
"Y/N we like- no love you pls accept this rose" they all said

Hi gays i mean guys yeah i'm your author nim hayst yes this is my first ever story here what will happen to Y/N and enhypen let's all find out

(slow updates?)
(enhypen x M. reader)