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A Home for Misfit Monsters [COMPLETE]

Authors: EliBees

Genre: Paranormal

Update: 31-01-2023

Status: Completed

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Rhia loves caring for the monstrous residents she inherited from her late Aunt. There's nothing else she needs but her misfit family in the countryside of Upstate New York and the sexy demon that satisfies her needs in her dreams.

Her residents, however, feel differently and they're all too happy when Ezra, the devilishly handsome guy next door, wanders over looking to borrow some milk. The ghoulish residents decide he's the one for their lonely caretaker.

But Rhia isn't sure about Ezra, he seems far too comfortable around the meddling ghosts and there's something familiar about him and his smoky gray eyes. Could he be the demon from her dreams or just another wayward monster looking for a place to rest his head?

Disclaimer: This is a first draft. This blurb may change in the future!

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