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A "Little" Bit Of Komahina (but bad)

Authors: Skyblue_is_Dharmann

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 01-02-2023

Status: Ongoing

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This is my Komahina story - A "Little" Bit Of Komahina - but badly written! Spelling errors, plot holes, really bad art, it's got everything you hate! here is the altered original description - Just some shenanigans with Nagito and Hajime falling in love 🤧 (but bad)
Monokuma is inactive during this story looking for a new motive because I'm lazy, and Monomi is.. (spoilers for main story) a fanfic fanatic!.. anyways this takes place after chapter 1 because want my favorite characters back - so yeah. I don't wanna see any comment spoilers either! (Grr bark bark ruff or smth)
Also probably really bad angst bc fvck sadness and yes 💅

Octagon bullying 😨
Very terrible writing
Immaturely written smvt,
Chiaki being jealous because yandere trope is cringe
A lot of Swearing😩