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Advice Girl (Charlie Lenehan fanfic)

Authors: writergirl222

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 27-08-2018

Status: Ongoing

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Calypso-Jade Lawson-Gale is a 16 year old girl who loves BAM. When she becomes the one to turn to when an incident occurs after a concert, things start off okay and close friendships are made. Her feelings for Charlie begin to grow as she spends time with him, helping him with his problems and giving him advice. But there's just one problem...Chelsea, Calypso's cousin and Charlie's girlfriend, who has caused nothing but pain in calypso's life. When memories from Calypso's past start to torture her constantly and Chelsea's beatings get worse and worse, Will she ever break free? Will anyone ever see through her fake smile and forced laugh? She puts other peoples needs in front of her own but will this advice girl need some advice of her own?