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Authors: amuhlemngunie

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 30-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Amaria Waters is a clueless 16 year old girl who lost her memory after a tragic turn of childhood events. She discovers her whole life is a big lie. Watch how she deals with her demons and unleashes her true potential mentally and spiritually.

" I what?" I'm so startled I feel like turning back into a sperm just to avoid this extremely awkward situation ...hey it's not everyday an old woman points at you like that.


So this is a book I sorta whipped up but I hope you darlings enjoy💕🌹
I'm a new writer so please bear with me but it will be good I promise

And please no hate, but constructive criticism will be welcomed 😘

\tbh no matter how bad it sucks remember the fact that I'm 13😀\