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Alpha Lucious

Authors: ElkEntertainment

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 25-07-2022

Status: Completed

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Kira, I can hear myself again!!' She squealed happily. All the pain she felt from the beatings the rogue gave her didn't matter anymore. She finally got her voice back.

' Your voice is back!' Kira said almost immediately. ' Now we can finally talk to our mate' She squealed happily too.

All the excitement Haven had felt a moment again dissipated into thin air.

' Mate?' Her eyes immediately flew to the man holding her. She had completely forgotten she was in the arms of this .. This ' Man'.

Haven looked at him in disgust. His hands were still hovering in the air as he looked at her, a blank expression on his face.

" What do you think you're trying to do?!" Haven could feel the rage locked up within her for all these days started to surface. Just looking at his face made Haven want to kill him over and over again.

What sort of a sick joke was Selene playing with her? How can the one person she hated turn out to be her fated mate?