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Read Angelic Mage (Black Clover x Male Reader) -

Angelic Mage (Black Clover x Male Reader)

Authors: Ryuu_Tsukima

Genre: Adventure

Update: 22-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Y/n is classified as an orphan as he was raised in a temple outskirt of the Clover Kingdom. In a world where people are born with magic, Y/n was born with a unique kind. In contrast, because of it, many people believe he was a prodigy with above-average magic power and the talent to control it.

In his coming-of-age ceremony, Y/n meets two unique people as well as receives a rare grimoire, one that no one knows or has seen before.

Follow Y/n as he and the two companions crawl their way up the ladder of the Clover Kingdom's Order of the Magic Knights.

Who will attain the coveted title of the strongest mage in the kingdom, Y/n, or one of the two companions?
18+ Scenes