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Betrayed by Destiny

Authors: HanRays

Genre: New Adult

Update: 06-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Amelia Stones, a young journalist, like all other girls was searching for true love, a soul mate but will her destiny accept Shawn Carson who is head over heels in love with her or will she get tangled with the 'dark secrets' that live in the woods?

All she dreamt about was perfect love and a perfect soul mate until she met that mysterious man, Aithan Foxworth who lives in the woods.

Would her infatuation towards him lead her to a world of love or a world full of secrets and betrayals?

Would she be able to recognise behind the hunter that he was trying to show or the victim that he was?

Will she be able to break one heart to heal the other one?

Two men
Two choices

One who is willing to bring stars and all that she desires, just to be with her, all he ever wanted is her.

The other one, with a broken past and a shattered heart, whom she has to mend and tender with care and love, whose soul has been scarred for life because of love.

Little did they know is they are entwined with each other by destiny which will betray them sooner or later.