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Breath of the Art

Authors: Nilly_

Genre: New Adult

Update: 16-02-2020

Status: Completed

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Ranking: #1 Chicklit on November 1st, 2015


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Can he teach her to live and breath his art?

"Take a look in that mirror, and tell me who you see," Xander told her.
The sensual tension strangling the air between them fueled their pounding heartbeats.
Sage walked to the mirror, viewing a woman that appeared to be her. Only this woman had kiss-swollen lips, mussed waves of hair, hands tied behind of her bare back.
"The woman I want to be for you."


After one fateful night, Sage Lancaster ends up in the Big Apple, pursuing her dream in Costume Design.
All is well until her relationship with the director of the play heats up to an unbearable degree.
Xander Mercer has always had very unique tastes. when Sage shows that she wants to sample his lifestyle, he can't seem to get enough.
But the wake of new love always calls on the ghosts of the past to rise again. Only the strength of those hearts involved can see them through. What if one heart just can't bear the hardships?

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