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Claiming My Husband ( On Hold )

Authors: Avery_Ava

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 01-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Mew is 28, heart surgeon, billionaire. Gulf is the only child of Mr. Traipipattanapong, the well known businessman.

" So Mr. Traipipattanapong should we schedule your operation on next week "

" Mmm .... No Doctor .... Not next week "

" Dad .... Are you even serious? " Gulf snapped at his dad " Mew .... will do it as soon as possible " he added as he looked at me.

" Shut up Gulf " his father shot him a glare as he looked at me.

" No Dr. Next week is my son's wedding so I want appointment after that. I wanna see him getting married before I went under any operation. I want him settled. What if something goes wrong during operation. I .... I don't wanna take risk Dr. Suppasit "

But .....there is a twist ..... both of them have a past together but Gulf's dad don't know that 🤫 .....