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Classroom of the Elite: Unconfined Genius (Test Phase)

Authors: Shiorimondesu

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 09-12-2022

Status: Completed

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In this timeline, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka the masterpiece of the white room has escaped from the white room with the help of a few acquaintances from the government. In exchange, he will test himself against the so-called "elites" of Japan in the government-funded school of Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. While he is at school, the government will continue to investigate the disappearance of children and the facility the masterpiece grew up in, hoping to connect these cases to a particular person.

Will Ayanokouji be able to prove himself against the most elites of the elite at his new school?

Will the government connect the cases and finally find a culprit while taking down the white room?

Find out in Classroom of the Elite: Unconfined Genius.

Spoilers: This fanfic assumes you have read Classroom of the elite from volume 1-11.5 at the least.

Classroom of the elite belongs to Kingugasa-Syougo sensei.

I'm just a fan of his works writing this fanfic for fun.

Word Counts:

Prologue: 29,751 Words.

Volume 1: 125,394 Words.


Prologue : Part 1

Prologue : Part 2

Prologue : Part 3 (Final)

Vol.1. Chapter 1.1 : A King's Arrival

Vol.1. Chapter 1.2 : A King's Revelation

Vol.1. Chapter 1.3 : Human Relationships

SS.1. An Interesting Kouhai

SS.2. Twin Masterpiece

Vol.1. Chapter 2.1 : A Troublesome Way to Start the Day, Part 1

Vol.1. Chapter 2.2 : A Troublesome Way to Start the Day, Part 2

Vol.1. Chapter 2.3 : Class 1-D

Vol.1. Chapter 3.1 : Lunch Troubles

Vol.1. Chapter 3.2 : Horikita Suzune

Vol.1. Chapter 3.3 : The Not so Lonely Four

Vol.1. Chapter 4.1 : A Very Strange Morning

Vol.1. Chapter 4.2 : A Predator Lurking in Plain Sight

Vol.1. Chapter 4.3 : Her True Colors

Vol.1. Chapter 5.1 : The Aces of Class 1-D

Vol.1. Chapter 6.1 : The Queen and Her King

Vol.1. Chapter 6.2 : Karuizawa Kei

Vol.1. Chapter 7.1 : Testing Our Limits

Vol.1. Chapter 7.2 : A Game of Dodgeball

Vol.1. Chapter 8.1 : Prelude to an Arduous Journey

Vol.1. Chapter 9.1 : Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite


SS.3. The Misfit of Class 1-D

Volume 2 - 4 Teaser

Vol.1. Chapter 10.1 : The Student Council

Vol.1. Chapter 11.1 : Study Groups

Vol.1. Chapter 12.1 : The Beginnings of Friendship

Vol.1. Chapter 13.1 : An Unusual Arrangement

Vol.1. Chapter 13.2 : A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Vol.1. Chapter 14.1 : Midterm Exams (Final)

Vol.2. Chapter 1.1: The Genesis of a Strenuous Warfare

Vol.2. Chapter 1.2 : Start of the Third Month

Vol.2. Chapter 1.3 : Forming an Alliance

Vol.2. Chapter 2.1 : A Somewhat Weird Encounter

Vol.2. Chapter 2.2 : The Investigation Begins!

Vol.2. Chapter 3.1 : Inceptions of a Maneuver

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