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departed and rejoiced

Authors: -FAEGET-

Genre: New Adult

Update: 05-03-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Takemichi tried to ease his heavy breaths, his hand over his mouth.

He was in his closet, desperately praying that Mikey wouldn't find him, but he knew it was only in a matter of minutes that his seeker would open those plain brown doors hiding him.

And they did.

"Found you, my love~!"


Takemichi and Mikey were a happy couple back in high school, but due to Takemichi's parent's homophobia, he was forced to dump Mikey. It took all of his friends to stop him from forcefully demanding the omega why, and he changed schools.

That love story was 7 years ago, and him changing schools was the ending.

But why did no one tell him that there was a dark sequel to this story?

One that was all about how he has to suffer something he never wished to break off.

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