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Melancholy Love

Authors: ColbyElvis-gold

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 06-02-2023

Status: Ongoing

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this is about simpbur and Y/N who forgets she met Wilbur in the past due to a certain person but they find each other because Wilbur is obsessed with her and needs her to love him again

although she has no idea what happened to her and he doesn't tell her because if she remembers everything she'll hate him.

The story does get some sad things about their feeling for one another and they'll be put threw some trials of lies and deception
if u stay and read u may like it idk

This story gets darker and darker as it goes on btw just as as a warning.

I will put Y/n beside Vienna for those who want it to be them in the story.

There's probably gonna be spelling errors so I'm sorry if there is.

Also another thing this isn't about real Wilbur of course and I do not connect him with this it's simply just simpbur but we're calling him Wilbur for the sake of the story

Fem reader! Smut ⚠️[smut comes later on]

Strong language, depression, mentions of [email protected] assault

Forced affection ,Stalking,

Drugging, kidnapping , physical violence

obsession, breaking and entering

Drinking, drug @buse

@ttempted murder, t0rture