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Melancholy Love SimpburxReader

Authors: colbyElvisEP

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 21-05-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Y/N had made a deal in the past to turn against simpbur but changed her mind

soon someone close to her poisons her to the point of making her forget her whole relationship

Wilbur follows after her and is trying to get her to love him again, but there lives get in the way of that

The story does get some sad things about their feeling for one another and they'll be put threw some trials of lies and deception
Also This story gets a bit darker as it goes on btw just as as a warning.

I based this story off many things and there are lots of Hamilton quotes.
There's probably gonna be spelling errors so I'm sorry if there is.
I'm gonna make a bad ending and a good ending.

Fem reader

Strong language, depression, mentions of [email protected] assault

Forced affection ,Stalking,

Drugging, kidnapping , physical violence

obsession, breaking and entering

Drinking, drug @buse, manipulation
Stockholm syndrome

@ttempted murder, t0rture, $uicid3
Vandalism, property damage, theft