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Destrave || Henry Danger

Authors: CGAMKverse

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 15-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Henry Hart X Michelle Brígh (Original female character)
I'll probably post this on ao3 too

Henry Hart, has 2 identities. He's Henry Hart and Kid Danger, rarley anyone knows. Henry is 15 and so is Michelle. Michelle has double personalities too. She's the super villain Quad and she's a normal high schooler. What happens when they have a date, unaware of the others 2nd identity. What happens when they come across each other in their suits and have to fight. Unaware of who their really fighting. What if Michelle doesn't want to be evil anymore. God the things love does.

Michelle recently moved from Dystopia to Swellview with her brother to protect them from all the heroes in Dystopia. Their parents stayed in Dystopia so Michelle and her brother, Micheal, were alone. Her brother was a hellspawn so she didn't enjoy being alone with him but it was what needed to be done. Michelle is a 15 year old trying to go through school and do crime at the same time. When new heroes are after her brother she chooses to join in. She soon regrets it after she finds out who it is. Michelles powers are Telepathy (Mind control, reading minds, ect.), Healing, and Telekinesis. The only problem is she barley knows how to control her power. Will she make it out of this mess unharmed?