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Ethaendra: Rise of the Storm Mage

Authors: radapedaxa

Genre: Adventure

Update: 21-01-2019

Status: Completed

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This is an interactive tale, where you will indulge as Arlon, a young and aspiring arcanist born with a heart and mind filled with thoughts of adventure. However, the tides of his peaceful life turned around, as war broke out between his home land, Ethaendra, and the Goblin Kingdom.

His desire for tremendous power and a heroic deed put himself on a quest in the ambition of acquiring a legendary scepter. His home land is prior to utter destruction, although this will not stop his persistent will to acquire the fabled weapon that shall grant him omnipotence among the sorcerers in the world.

Arlon's expedition is pernicious, and his fate lies on the choices of the reader...