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Fairy Tail ((Various x Reader))

Authors: minicchichin

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 21-06-2019

Status: Completed

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Just a bunch of stories between many of the bishies of Fairy Tail with the lovely reader :)
Could either be cute, sad, or just straight up happy~



List of Characters/Requests {Requests:CLOSED}

Remember Me (Natsu Dragneel)

Bravery (Gray Fullbuster)

First Date (Gajeel Redfox)

Gone (Laxus Dreyar)

Judging A Book By Its Cover (Freed Justine)

What's Your Reason? (Bickslow)

Once A Flirt, Always A Flirt (Loke/Leo)

Answer (Mystogan)

Family (Lyon Vastia)

Don't Leave Me Like This (Hibiki Lates)

The Steel Ninja (Sting Eucliffe)

Fro Thinks So Too! (Rogue Cheney)

Small Things (Jellal Fernandes)

Special Conversations (Midnight)

Your Real Name (Cobra)

Lost Before It Began (Zancrow)

Clarity (Jackal)

Taking A Small Detour (Sho)

Alone (Zeref)

Because You Deserve It (Natsu Dragion)

Christmas Wish (Gray Surge)

Your Not-So Secret Santa (Hughes)

First Christmas (Dobengal)

Snowed In (Hibiki Lates {Part 2})

Merry Christmas (Rogue Cheney)

Taking a week off

I'll Never Let You Go (Cobra {Part 2})

Umbrella (Laxus Dreyar)

Unrequited Love (Sting Eucliffe)

Good Morning! (Laxus Dreyar)

Let's Go Home (Sting Eucliffe)

Holding A Conversation (Rufus Lore)


Everlasting Love (Natsu x Reader x Sting) [Part 1 Reader Special]

Everlasting Love (Natsu x Reader x Sting) [Part 2 Reader Special]

Pancakes (Jackal Part 2)

Update 2.0

Update 3.0

Precious To Me (Zeref)

You're Fine (Rufus Lore)

Q&A + 100 follower 40 Q's

Goodbye (Lyon x Reader x Gray)

Voice in the Dark (Gray x Depressed!Reader)

Shooby Doo Bop (idol!Gajeel Redfox x idol!Reader)

Unbound (Rogue Cheney)

Uno (Natsu Dragneel)

Achieve True Happiness (Hibiki Lates)

Update Time

Memories (Sting Eucliffe)

Responsibility (Natsu Dragneel)

Made of Love (Rogue Cheney)

Home For Christmas (Laxus x male!Reader)

Update from the author 2.0

Determination (Sting x Reader x Rogue)



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