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Update: 22-05-2022

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Oneshots with Fairy Tail Characters, no longer taking requests. There should be something for everyone in here.

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Cuddles and Milkshakes (Mira x Reader)

When Daggers Collide (Assassin!Gray x Assassin!Reader)

Cold Love (Mira x Android!Reader)

Frogsitting (Rogue x Reader)

Snowflakes in the Dark (Gray x Reader)

Miracle (Demon!Gajeel x Reader)

Miracle (pt 2)

Who Gave Him Alcohol? (Drunk!Sting x Shy!Reader)

Six Days (Bickslow x Reader)

Lazy Days (Modern AU) (Laxus x Reader)

Compliments to the Chef (Modern AU) (Gajeel x Reader)

The Tickle Fight (Natsu x Reader)

Sneezes (Sting x Reader)

Thunderstorms (Laxus x Reader)

I Can Show You Plane Tickets On A Screen (Modern AU) (Bickslow x Reader)

Halloween Party

Glowing Cuddles (Sting x Reader)

It's You! (Soulmate AU) (Mira x Reader)

Hair Dye (Soulmate AU) (Natsu x Reader)

Hair Dye (pt 2) (Soulmate AU) (Natsu x Reader)

Thoughts (Soulmate AU) (Gray x Reader)

The Countdown (Soulmate AU) (Lucy x Reader)

Just a Dream (Gajeel x Reader)

Incomplete Tattoos (Soulmate AU) (Rogue x Reader)

My Little Shining Star (Sting x Reader)

My Little Shining Star (pt 2) (Sting x Reader)

Forged Keys (Leo x Reader)

The Rivalry (Teacher!Gray x Teacher!Reader)

Favourites (Crossover AU) (Levy x Reader)

Midnight Requests (Midnight x Reader)

Midnight Requests (Pt 2) (Midnight x Reader)

The Secret Couple (Teacher!Rogue x Teacher!Reader)

Headcanon - Bickslow

Comfort (Rogue x Reader)

Bonfire Stories

Talking Through the Stars (Natsu x God!Reader)

The Feel of Snow (Gray x Blind!Reader)

My Snowflake (Gray x Reader)

Cooking (Modern AU) (Erza x Reader)

Halloween Hide and Seek

Too Late (Rogue x Evil!Reader)

Too Late (Rogue x Evil!Reader) (pt 2)

Too Late (Rogue x Evil!Reader) (Pt 3)

Friendsheep (Aries x Reader)

Dating - Gajeel

The Big Bad Wolf (Modern AU) (Werewolf!Gajeel x Reader)

Ice Prince (Royal AU) (Gray x Reader)

Idiot (Erza x Injured!Reader)

Heard too Much (Cobra x Reader)

Bonfire Night (Modern AU) (Sting x Reader)

A Siren's Call (Siren!Juvia x Reader)

Always There (Laxus x Dead!Reader)

Trust (Cana x Reader)

The Music to Life (Singer!Gray x Singer!Reader)

The Music to Life (Singer!Gray x Singer!Reader) (pt 2)

I'm Sick, I Swear! (Modern AU) (Sick!Rogue x Doctor!Reader)

The Wait (Modern AU) (Mira x Dying!Reader)

I Can Do It Too! (Teenage!Laxus x Child!Reader)

The Sleepover (100 parts)

Gaming (Modern AU) (Cobra x Reader)

Afar (Mira x Vampire!Reader)

Impossible (Rufus x Reader)

For You (High-school AU) (Gray x Reader)

You Sold Your Soul for What?! (AU) (Demon!Laxus x Reader)

The Beach (Modern AU) (Mira x Reader)

Cursed (Immortal!Bickslow x Reader)

Piggyback Rides (Modern AU) (Jellal x Short!Reader)

The Touch (Soulmate AU) (Ballroom AU) (Erza x Reader)

Breakfast in Bed (Modern AU) (Drunk!Gray x Reader)

More Than Anything (Modern AU) (Jellal x Reader)

You Have a Fiancé? (Jellal x Reader)

Pumpkin Carving (Modern AU) (Bickslow x Reader)

New Member (Midnight x Reader)

Average (Mira x Injured!Reader)

Cleaning Day (Sting x Reader x Rogue)

Adopted (Erza x Child!Reader)

Adopted (Erza x Child!Reader) (pt 2)

Do You? (Modern AU) (Freed x Reader)

Snowball Fight (Lyon x Reader x Gray)

Snowball Fight (Endings) (Lyon x Reader x Gray)

Dating - Natsu

Jealousy (Cobra x Reader)

Dating - Gray

Dating - Laxus

Dating - Sting

Dating - Rogue

Teach Me Magic? (Sting x Shy!Reader)

Never Forget (Modern AU) (Mira x Dead!Reader)

Most Special Person (Modern AU) (Rogue x Deaf!Reader)

Dating - Mira

Sister??? (Wendy x Sibling!Reader)

I Want Pink Hair Too! (Modern AU) (Natsu x Parent!Reader)

Naval Battle (Natsu x Reader)

Dance With Me! (Drunk!Mira x Reader)

Tumblr Mutuals (Modern AU) (Natsu x Reader)

Flashbacks (Natsu x Fiance!Fem!Reader)

New Rings (Gajeel x Fiance!Reader)

The Witching Hour (Erza x Reader)

How Long? (Sting x Fiance!Reader)

Family (Modern AU) (Pregnant!Mira x Male!Reader)

Return of the King (Mystogan x Child!Sibling!Reader)

Memories (Zeref x Reader)

Car Karaoke (Modern AU) (Gray x Reader)

Sleepy Sketches (Rogue x Reader)

Prank War (Modern AU) (Sting x Reader)

Boots on the Roof (Modern AU)(Gajeel x Reader)

Clash of the Thundeleigon (Laxus x Reader x Bickslow)

The Clash of the Thunderleigon (Endings) (Laxus x Reader x Bickslow)

Dating - Erza

Headcanon - Natsu

Dragon Slayer? (Mira x Reader)

Igneel... (Natsu x Reader)

Headcanon - Sting

The Big Day (Erza x Reader)

Controlled (Mira x Reader)

It Hurts! (Injured!Sting x Reader)

Hot and Cold (Soulmate AU) (Laxus x Reader)

Eclipse (Scorpio x Reader)

Swears (Natsu Headcanon)

The Notorious Bad Boy (Natsu x Reader)

The Notorious Bad Boy (pt 2) (Natsu x Reader)

The Notorious Bad Boy (pt 3) (Natsu x Reader)

Reunited (Jellal x Sibling!Reader)

The Switch (Soulmate AU) (Jellal/Mystogan x Reader)

The Switch (pt 2) (Soulmate AU) (Jellal/Mystogan x Reader)

Party (Modern AU) (Laxus x Reader)

Heterochromia (Soulmate AU) (Sting x Reader)

Match Ups

Knight in Shining Armor (Mira x Knight!Reader)

Match Ups - Completed

What The Hell? Where's My Awesome Background Music? (Yandere!Rogue x Reader)

Snapchat Filters (Modern AU) (Rogue x Reader)

Interrogation (Modern(ish) AU) (Edo-Gajeel x Reader)

Haunted (Demon!Gray x Reader)

Wet Concrete (Modern AU) (Natsu x Reader)

Eat With Us (Vampire!Erza x Reader)

Author's Note 18/04/2020

Ethereal Love (Ghost!Natsu x Reader) (Modern AU)

Fairy Tail x Fairy Tales (?)

Lone Survivor (Erza x Reader) (Apocalypse AU)

Public Transport (Loke x Reader) (Modern AU)

The Rogue (Vampire!Laxus x Vampire!Reader)

Evening Tea (Laxus x OC)

Dirty Dancing (Gajeel x Reader)

University Headcanons

Alone in the Rain (Freed x Reader)

Drunk Confessions (Cana x Reader)

It's Art (Evergreen x Reader)

Any Requests?

Solo Act (Lucy x Reader)

Language Lessons (Modern AU) (Freed x Reader)

Soup and Tissues (Mira x Reader)

I Got Tagged

Bed of Flowers (Natsu x Reader)

Swimming Lessons (Modern AU) (Juvia x Reader)


NaLu Fic??

Any Ideas?

Yet Another AN

I was tagged again

Scenario. 23 - Unexpected Habits


My Kid (Sting x Child!Reader)

(Edolas!Gray x Reader)

Scenario. 30 - Hearing Their S/O Sing

*Drum Roll Please*


Q&A - Answered

Headcanon - Cana

I need to say something...

Snowball Fight (100k Special) (Dragon Slayers)

Snowball fight (pt 2) (100k special) (Dragon Slayers)

Would You Rather??





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Snow Day (Modern AU) (LIME) (Gajeel x F!Reader)