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False Love

Authors: CrimsonRedMaia

Genre: New Adult

Update: 20-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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A story about a popular boy who hates to party and a quiet girl who gets caught up in his life.

Ava Wilson is trying to recover her life after witnessing the horrific death of her best and only friend. With terrible siblings and abusive parents, she struggles to share and express her grief. With no other choice, she finds herself constantly sitting in the library, experiencing the life she never could through books.

There she sees the treasure of Darwin Horizon High School, Bryce Cooper. He's glancing around in a panic after staring at his phone. To Ava's surprise, he approaches her completely out of the blue. Bryce, the star of the football team and the crush of numerous girls, asks her if she'll act as his girlfriend.

Both of them find out secrets about each other. Bryce isn't the golden boy everyone thinks he is and Ava isn't the studious girl everyone thinks she is.

Nothing is what it seems and Bryce might even be in more pain than Ava.

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